Master Robin

Master Robin at recent "Tie me up, dow and all around" workshop.


On a regular basis, I run a personal ad that reads:

"I am a Master with female chattel. I understand that it is a fine golden thread
that connects pleasure to pain, and I know how to pull that thread taut enough
to play music without breaking it."

I began playing cowboy and Indians and capture the flag games at a very early age, and found I had a penchant for capturing a member of the "opposing force". Once captured, it would be my task to interrogate him or her to determine where the OpFor had its base, and to glean their intentions from my captive by whatever means necessary.

I worked with many bondage magazines, providing them with stories, artwork and photographs. I was hired to be technical director for photographers and people making movies. My task was to insure that the knots were real and  inescapable.

In the mid 60's, several people I know asked that I teach them how to do bondage photography. As time passed, we added more classes, more parties, and several ladies that were bondage models. Those events were to be the forerunner of today's BackDrop Club.

I am sixty-six, and still in physically good shape.  I enjoy playing fantasy games and taking photographs of people in bondage. I also find that Master/slave training is unusually enjoyable.

Options are manifold. Maybe you are that person who feels Master/slave training would be enjoyable. Maybe you would like to sit in on a session while I am training a slave. Maybe you would like to learn about a topic which is not usually available through group classes such as piercing; fire play; suspension; bondage photography; pony-play; advanced interrogation techniques; predicament bondage; mummification and/or leather making.

Perhaps you are looking at becoming a Professional Dominant, either male or female. Here is some food for thought. For the past forty years, I have been training two or more people per month. That works out to over a thousand people that I have passed on my unique blend of skills.

My email address is: or call me at 650-965-4499