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Zoosexuality is a term covering sexual orientation towards animals.

Zoosexuality is a value-neutral term covering the spectrum of human-animal sexuality, and implies nothing more than a person with an orientation towards animals. This may be loving or violent, incidental intermittent or long term, actual or wished-for, fantasy or reality, and may in fact also be sexual or non-sexual in nature. Also, similarly to other orientations such as homosexuality and heterosexuality, it may be "exclusive" in nature, or one of a range of sexual focuses - the person may have human partners as well, and their relationships may be authentically relational or otherwise.

Forms of zoosexual activity Although its findings go back consistently many decades, the study of zoosexuality with modern research methodologies, is still relatively new. Massen (1994, p. 57) distinguished nine basic forms of zoosexual activity, which he stated frequently overlap:

  1. Incidental experience and latent zoophilia
  2. Zoophile voyeurism (also called mixoscopic zoophilia)
  3. Frottage
  4. The animal as a tool for masturbatory activities
  5. The animal as a surrogate object for a behavioral fetishism (sadomasochistic practices, sexual murder, etc.; zoosadism
More information on this topic is available at [ Wikipedia:Zoosadism ]
  1. The animal as fetish
  2. Physical contact and affection
  3. The animal as a surrogate for a human sex partner
  4. The animal as deliberately and voluntarily chosen sex partner.
More information on this topic is available at [ Wikipedia:Zoosexuality ]


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