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Dominique Simone is the biggest chested black porn star. She's appeared in more than 200 features including Stolen Hearts, Two Women and Dark Tunnels. "I was a good student in high school - a 3.5 GPA - but only because I hated school and couldn't wait to graduate. I was quiet and nerdy and had few boyfriends.

"Age isn't a factor to me with men. I dated a guy who was 20 years older than me, and he was the biggest rat I have ever met in my life. He liked to have sex three or four times a day and sometimes when I would come home from work really exhausted and tell him "No, not now," he would pout and stomp out.

"When I first got in this business, I never thought that I'd encounter racism. I've experienced a lot, especially with dance clubs. Club owners feel that a black girl won't draw the same crowd as Amber Lynn or Savannah or Ginger Lynn or that a white girl would. It's hard for me to get bookings. I'm a bigger star than some of the girls getting booked but the club owners don't want to take the chance. I find that a lot of the companies don't want to book black women in their movies [Vivid and VCA] because they feel they won't be able to sell it to certain cable companies [particularly Playboy] or in the South. Yet I get tons of fan mail and most of its from whites.

"My stuff sells, but it took me three years to get to where I am, whereas if I was blonde, it would've taken a month.

"I've talked to people at the production companies and they've said, "We can't use you because you're black." One guy said that he'd never have a nigger in his movies as long as he owned his company.

"I saw this 20-girl all-girl movie and there was not one black girl.

"A lot of fans ask me why I am in such movies as Mo Mo Booty. Why do they have to put Black this or Black that, Oreo a Go Go, Mocha Magic...?

"I seldom get plain boxcovers like Hidden Obsessions or Dominique Does Dallas. They always put Black in front with big black letters." (Above six paragraphs from Radical Affairs 5)

Domonique was one of the porn performers to attend Savannah's funeral. AVN reports: "As touchy as the situation was for some, Domonique didn't make things much better when she launched into a lengthy diatribe about how the industry had ruined her life." (AVN 9/94 p.60)

One producer who had been a major source of employment for the black star, said she will never work for him again.

Simone talks about her sex fantasies, roles and favorite performers in 1993's Black Butt Jungle before taking a strap-on screwing from Latina Veronica Brazil. Domonique then interviews and screws Joe Verducci. "The volcanic closer is with Debi Diamond and Peter North... Diamond orgasms at least twice from Simone's tongue..." (AFW 97)

Starbangers 2. "We've always known Domonique Simone had a voracious sexual appetite, but director John T. Bone and a cast of hand-picked studs push her carnal envelope in this well-shot series. The opening "getting to know you" sequence takes place in a dimly lit back-alley set. The boys are all dressed like Italian models and Domonique looks lovely in a white evening gown which stays on her about two minutes before she gets down to work, slurping cock while the guys dip their wicks. Then it's off to the "romper room," a bed with a video camera at the foot and a projection TV broadcasting the action overhead. It's an interesting idea tha tworks well with this roundelay action. One guy comes on her back, Dom gets wiped off and the next guy steps up to take his place. In the end the cocks start going off like fireworks and Dom is sperminated." (AFW 97)


BD writes on i am writing this in refrence to my session with dominique simone in san francisco appx. 7 days ago.we all know that dominique's best friend pornstar olivia and her problems at the avn awards in vegas(this is documented on this site).well lets just say dominique has the same problem if not worse.this was well evident in my session with her.i am shocked that a good company like body miracle would put up with this from one of there employee's(i don't blame body miracle for this since i used them in the past and will again).with the rates us as clients pay to see these ladies i hope you feel the same way and we don't need the hassles or problems that dominique's troubles can bring with her.i see on this site she will be working the super bowl in tampa.we as clients work hard for our money so my advice is to spend in wisely and have a good time.we are all big boys and can make our own decisions but don't say yo have not been warned.


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