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Vivian Austin (born Vivian Coe: 23 February 1920, Hollywood, California - 1 August 2004, Los Angeles, California) was an American model and film star

Vivian Austin was a brown-haired, brown-eyed beauty queen; she had been voted "Miss Hollywood" in 1943 and was signed to a contract by Universal Pictures. The studio saw that she got experience in many of the little theater groups around Los Angeles before putting her in her first film, Moonlight in Vermont (1943). She made westerns, musicals and dramas for the studio before retiring from the screen because of health problems.

She nearly died from kidney failure in the 40s followed by debilitating eye problems that she suffered the rest of her life until her sight was improved by Dr. Kenneth Grow who eventually became her second husband.

Health problems, which lead to blindness, forced Ms. Austin into early retirement from the motion picture business. A Palm Springs CA physician, Dr. Ken Grow, managed to restore her sight and later they married.

She was an Earl Carroll Vanity girl.

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Glenn Austin (1936 - 1967) (his death) Dr. Ken Grow (30 December 1968 - 1993) (his death)

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