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Review from [1] website:
by Dungeon Review by Empress Dominique

From Black & Blue Magazine, Vol. 2 No. 8. 1996

  • ZODIAC SIGN: Pisces
  • HEIGHT: 5'8" in stocking feet, although I often wear 6" heels
  • MEASUREMENTS: 40D-26 (Cinches to 22 in a corset) - 38
  • HOBBIES; (smile)

Empress Dominique: How long have you been in the scene ?

  • Vicci Gold: Over 15 years — myexperience is quite extensive.

Empress Dominique: How did you get started?

  • Vicci Gold: While I have been exhibiting dominant behavior since my early childhood, my 'First exposure to the true scene occurred when I attended an event at a Los Angeles bar and saw a woman I later learned to be well-known dominatrix playing publicly with a slave. I was hooked instantly. She and I connected after that and the rest, as they say, is history.

Empress Dominique: What can you tell us about yourself?

  • Vicci Gold: For some, the BDSM scene is a naughty flirtation, for others, merely a way of making a living. But for the very few of us, it is really a way of life. I am a true fetishist myself, and even if I did not practice Domination professionally I would still have one of the most outrageous closets in town. Leather, latex, PVC, furs, ultra high heels, big boots, tight corsets, exotic make-up, intense psychodramas — I love it all! And over the years, I must say, I have become quite a connoisseur.

Empress Dominique: I understand you now own your own S&M school. Can you describe it to me and tell me what your space is like?

  • Vicci Gold. Yes, my school is called "Le Monde de la Femme Dominante"— the World of the Dominant Female. The training provides complete instruction in domestic and personal service — dozens and dozens of explicit classes that cover virtually all aspects of service to the household of a Woman of Power. You know, so many men say that they truly wish to serve women and yet so few know how besides their simple and vulgar offers of oral sex. My school teaches them — in great detail — how they may truly be of use to a dominant woman.
  • The space itself, which is located in the heart of San Francisco's South-of-Market leather district, includes a traditional classroom, a complete TV studio for those sissy slut students who prefer to serve as females, a medieval torture dungeon with a prayer stand and a full ten-foot rack for students who need stricter correction, and an actual jail cell, with a wooden cot and steel manacles. My personal space there also includes another dungeon with full suspension and a Goddess worship chamber.

Empress Dominique: Do you have any staff working in your school and if so, what are they like?

  • Vicci Gold: Oh, yes. There are two young ladies who work with me full time, one is a gorgeous brunette and the other a lovely redhead. Both are refined and educated ladies very capable of providing the kinds of instruction and discipline; my students usually require, hi addition, many of the country's top Dominas are available in a "guest instructor" capacity. When appropriate I also have male and female submissives, as well as some terrific dominant male instructors, available as well.

Empress Dominique: What type of clientele do you see?

  • Vicci Gold: Most of the submissives that I allow to visit me these days are, like myself, true and experienced fetishists, TVs, or experienced masochists that need skilled discipline from the whip or paddle. I have little toleration for people who simply seek sex under the guise of body worship or that type of thing. I do see novices on occasion, but only after they have gotten a firm sense of their interests and developed a good basic education in the scene by reading books or attending programs put on by groups like Eulenspiegel and Janus.

Empress Dominique: How do you feel about the over-flow of Professional Domina's in the SM Community?

  • Vicci Gold: To be honest, the apparent "overflow" doesn't bother me in the least. There will always be more demand for skilled dominant women than there will be supply. In addition, the women who enter the field only for the money and without a sincere and personal love of the scene itself always bum out quickly and their ads soon disappear. Clients will go to see the "new" Dominas and many times are disappointed; especially those that are truly into the scene and come to see a Mistress for a true session.

Empress Dominique: Most Dominas have a certain quality or trademark. What of those do you have?

  • Vicci Gold: That's an interesting question. I would say that I am best known for my long fetish fingernails, my rope bondage, my sensual tease sessions, and my skills in hypnotism, sensory deprivation and transformations. I would say that the "trademark", as you put it, that I have always tried to make a part of my sessions is "first class." I have always worked very hard to present the most beautiful and appropriate spices and cost mes and the most skillful work in the industry. It is always of great importance to me that my clients have only "first class" experiences when they come to' visit me. That is my real trademark.

Empress Dominique: What would you say your favorite scenes are? Can you tell me one that is the most memorable to you?

  • Vicci Gold: Oh, gosh, there are so many! For example, I saw one of my regulars just yesterday. He is into corsets and vinyl and boots and all the great fetish gear and we just had a blast going through some of my wardrobe. Also, I once had a client who came too see me from out of town and I picked him up from the airport in a limo and we went shopping at all the top lingerie stores and then went back to my play space where a beautician girlfriend of mine was there waiting, to turn him into a gorgeous woman!
  • We then take went into the San Francisco area, to the hottest TV bars and shows. It was a blast! The only reason I have that level of clientele is because I put their confidentiality first. I would never betray their trust and they know it.\

Empress Dominique: Any last comments to say to our readers?

  • Vicci Gold: Be respectful, real & honest, because I am. I have no interest in people who lie or play games with me, and I give them no second chance. Also if potential clients make appointments, show up! If you arc honest with me, the same will be given back to you. I would also like to mention that I do maintain a Web Site for those that would like to get more information about me and my lifestyle:
  • This site tells it all about me and my school and much more! It's definitely worth a visit.

Also, please look out for me in the New York City area, from September 13th until the 18th. Call 212 465-3217 for further information. And thanks to you. Empress.

You are really a most charming hostess and I and the rest of San Francisco are looking forward to your next visit so that we may repay the favor!

Compiled by Mistress Michelle & slave english for


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