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Since 1977, Versatile Fashions by Ms. Antoinette has been the leader in creating unique, high quality corsets and designs for the Fetish and Transgendered lifestyles.

We specialize in real figure training and transformation so your wildest fantasies can come true! No matter what your gender or shape, from petite to plus size, we can fit you and adorn you in sexy fashions.

Choose from corsets, cat suits, maid uniforms or our many original designs. Customer satisfaction is our number one goal. Each garment is designed and manufactured with love right here in our quality controlled factory in Orange, California. Official Versatile Fashions web site These people are now making corsets
USA (714) 538-0337 - ORANGE, CALIFORNIA

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Lenny Burtman

Here's what Mistress's Antoinette connection is to Lenny Burtman. Mistress Antoinette said, I had no problem with his boot fetish at all. I was happy to wear boots for him. He bought me a lot of boots, and I noticed they were all black leather. He was also buying me fetish costumes to go with the boots. He would take pictures of me when I was all dressed up. I loved doing this – I thought it was exciting!

Then he started giving me magazines. The magazines were about people that were into fetishes of all kinds. And I went all to pieces when he said he wanted us to meet other couples that were into fetishes. I thought he wanted to be with them instead of me.

Then he showed me pictures from AtomAge magazine of two women dressed up in these costumes making love to one another. I thought that was ok. This meant that I could continue being true to Dick. At this time I was being submissive to him, but he knew that wasn't what I was meant to be.

Dick snuck one of the pictures of me in a magazine called "Latent Image" (as a submissive), and then we started getting letters. One of these letters had pictures of a transvestite, and I said, "Oh, I can deal with this! This is good. And that is when "Miss Rebecca H. Heels" (aka Reb) entered our lives. We corresponded for a while, and then we met. Little did I know that Rebecca and myself would become a lifelong friendship.

So you see, when I got ready to start "Reflections Magazine" through Lenny Burtman, which was a shock to both Dick and I that we would say "Yes". It didn't take long before I said, "Gee, this is a lot of work. I can't do it all by myself". So I called Rebecca H. Heels, who worked at Western Union – I thought this type of work might be right up her alley.

The reason we got called into Lenny Burtman's office is that he saw photographs of my leather clothing that I designed and the boots Dick got me that we put in a little catalog. Dick's photography, my clothing and Renee's factory. That little catalog was of great interest to everybody. We couldn't believe it.

Then Renee became ill, and had to go to the hospital, and I got the little factory and the company name "Versatile Fashions" from her. She said, "You take it. You earned it." And that's how Versatile Fashions was born…

Dick's Passing

Services For the husband of Ms. Antoinette, of Versatile Fashions Fame, and Dressed to Thrill, have been announced..

Saturday, January 21, 2006 at 10:30 am at the Crystal Cathedral, In Garden Grove

All are welcome to this service in honor of one of the founder's of Kinky lifestyles,from the 1960's & 70's in Southern California.

They only request that you dress in a "non-kink" mode out of respect to the non-kinky friends and families members.

A reception will be held, afterwards, at the Home of Ms. Antoinette

Dick, Antoinette, BackDrop and Robin


Back in the mid-70's, Dick and Antoinette had joined BackDrop. Candy and I were traveling to LA to go to the Ray Engel's Fetish parties.

Mistress Antoinette of Versatile Fashions and "Reflections Magazine" published an article about us Click here to see and/or read the article

Later, Monique and I bought several of the twelve-corset Gwendoline corsets, and I wish that I still had them. (Monique got them when we broke up!)

We visited their home quite regularly. They were some of the "best people ever". I am very, very sorry to hear of Dick's passing.

He will be missed by a lot of people.

"Big Ruth" and Fakir Musafar were making exquistite corsets which were being sold through Versatile Fashions by Ms. Antoinette.

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