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I am 75 year old male living in Mountain View (the San Francisco Bay Area) California.

I am very, VERY eclectic - often holding two to four jobs at any given time, usually in different fields of endeavor.

During my eight years in the Navy, I served at CinCLantFlt, aboard the R. L. Wilson, and the Duncan. I was part of pre-com crew of the Chicago, and when the Chicago went ot WestPac, I transferred to FAAWTC/FASWTC, San Diego. (Click here to read stories about my "Navy Days")

As an Educator, I have taught

  • Electronics (at Evergreen College, San Jose, CA);
  • "Mountain Rescue" and "Swift Water Rescue" (as Operations Officer for San Jose Search and Rescue)
  • "How to become a Professional Dominatrix" (at the Learning Annex)
  • "Use and Maintenance of Amino-acid analyzers" (for Durrum Instruments)
  • "Photographic Techniques and Technology" (City College)
  • "Sports Car Rallying" (Sports Club of America)
  • "Japanese as a Second Language" (US Navy)
  • "Non-verbal Communication Skills" (for COGES)

As an Inventor:

  • Earthquake switch for Nuclear Reactors
  • Methodology for measuring the speed of a frontal shock wave of an underground nuclear blast
  • Emergency, power loss sensor for IBM computers
  • Methodology for recovering petrochemicals from oil shale using binary explosives
  • Worked on team to develop amino-acid analysis testing for Phenylketonuria
  • "The Infinity Dress" (made of a jersey fabric) which can be worn in an "infinite number of ways"
  • "Cadre One" - one of the first commercially-viable products using "Automatic Number Identification" (Caller ID)

I have worked as a software Build Master, web designer, bonded locksmith, Private Detective, AKC Show Dog Handler, bondage rigger for the film industry, magazine publisher (and editor), and professional bondage photographer. I have worked as an Expert Witness in Patent Infringement cases in telecommunications, and as Amicus Curae is cases involving sexual abuse and murder cases involving sado-masochism.

I often attend CES (Consumer Electronics Show) as an exhibitor and AVN (Adult Video Network) as a member of the Press in the same weekend.

I am recognized as the "Father of the "relatively heterosexual" SM (Sadism & Masochism) scene in the SFO Bay Area, and have taught over a thousand men and women how to become professional Masters and Dominatrices, and "Rape Prevention" at the YWCA.

In 1966, I founded what was to become The BackDrop Club, which is basically, "the scenery and props behind peoples fantasies." Over the years, BackDrop has come to be known as "The Sado-Industrial Complex". During this past forty years, I have also maintained concurrent, active careers in Academia, the Arts, Electronics, Real Estate and Professional BDSM.

My professional resume {if you're curious} is available on the Sigma Systems website.

My personal history can be viewed at Robin's History

Personal Stories can be viewed at Anecdotes

I started writing "this book" in 1974 and have printed (and have had printed) many articles on BDSM. My friends say that my writing style is "techno-erotica" because everything I write about, I have usually try first. I have also been told by people around me that I am all those things that describe a first born, Leo male <grin>. So when I started putting this project together, I have asked several of my friends (and now you) to pass your knowledge along to the next generation.

If you have questions, comments, answers (and maybe kudos?)

  • I am the author and webmaster for
  • I can be reached through 'The BackDrop Club' offices at 650-965-4499, or through 'All Things Notary' at 650-964-3100.
  • I am often available for chat as Robinr57 on Yahoo Messenger
  • I can be reached via email at