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Most of the BDSM information presented here has been part of a project which was actually started (believe it or not) in 1974 by Robin Roberts, being taught as a ongoing series of classes.

Almost all of the information here has been taught to The BackDrop Club Staff and members. In the mid-70's through the late-80's he was teaching fifteen to twenty classes per month. (As a side note: Robin has been teaching ProDom classes to over twenty-five people per year for nearly fifty years. This means that well over a thousand men and women have gone through his classes and have become Pro Doms.)

Most of the historical information started with the Tony deBlase Leather Timeline. With Tony deBlase's death, his Leather Timeline project went dormant. I have been given permission by the Leather Archives to keep this project going, but I would also like to see it expanded to include Het, Bi, Gay, and TV sexuality events.

I would like you, the reader, become a part of this project. I have planted the seeds, but I would like you, the readers, to help it grow and to help maintain it. If you see something miss-spelled <g>, jump in and correct it. If you see an article that you feel needs more info, jump in and add to it.

If you would like to be an editor or contributor, all we require is that you set up an account and log-in.

(We do this to prevent vandalism and "graffiti")

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