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Another of our unique venues was on University Ave (at 10th) in Berkeley.

We had the entire second floor of the building. It had three one bedroom and two two bedroom apartments all facing a central court yard. It made for some really interesting 'outdoor' photo shoots.

Incidents that come to mind and bring smiles.

  • Lorrett was working for me in two of my businesses: The Bay Area Models Exchange (BAME) and at my advertising agency (Sigma Phi). I had designed a pair of dresses the loRRett thought were cute and comfortable. She asked if I could make more of them for her, and she began passing them out to her friends. When she asked why I designed them, I took her to my photo dark-room. With a single, simple move, I removed the dress. I had untied the bow at her shoulder and the dress had fallen into a puddle around her ankles, without having to untie her bound wrists. Standing there in her panties and blushing face, she asked how to prevent the dress from being removed. Like the gentleman that I am, I showed her, but only after extracting a 'token'.
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  • At one of our Dinner Parties, several of the guests began asking about Professional Sessions, and we said that we got calls all night long. They said 'No way' and so we had to prove the point. Within seconds the phone rang and Candy answered it. After several long minutes on the speaker phone, it was obvious he was masturbating and becoming excited. That is until I asked (in my masculine voice) why he was saying such things to my girl friend. It became apparent that he scratched himself, or did something painful to himself, based on the sounds he emitted before hanging up.
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