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Image:G Topfer Le châtiment de l'adultère.png|thumb|Illustration by Georges Topfer titled Le châtiment de l'adultère ("The punishment for adultery").]] Image:Brch337.jpg|Bent over a trestle for a birching.]] File:Haley_trestle2.jpg A trestle is a construction made of connected bars. It is usually of materials such as wood or metal and serves a purpose related to the positioning of objects and/or people. In South and South-East Asia, trestles are often made of bamboo.

Trestles in spanking

Trestles can serve as items of spanking furniture for the positioning of the spankee. For example, a caning trestle is a type of caning frame used for judicial corporal punishment in Singapore.

Smaller trestles can be designed to serve as birching horses or spanking benches. When a trestle is used, the spankee is often restrained.

The part of the trestle where the spankee rests on is often padded for more comfort and better support.

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