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A combination of Greek words for male and female indicating that a person has traits of both sexes
Cross dressing
Cross dressing is defined as wearing the clothes of the opposite sex, usually for sexual excitement. A cross-dresser does not necessarily want to look like a realistic female.
A person who feels gender misidentity. They feel that they are of one sex, trapped in the body of the opposite sex.
A person who has undergone sexual reassignment, usually through surgery and hormone therapy.
Transvestism should not be confused with homosexuality, although the term transvestism is still applied mostly to male bodied persons. Transvestites (who are usually men) enjoy wearing clothes of the opposite sex because they enjoy the feel of the clothing, and typically not for sexual excitement. Most transvestites are heterosexual.
The act of wearing women's underwear under male clothes while going into public.

Transvestism: Forced and otherwise

Forced (Forced feminization)
Many Mistresses will have their client dress in women’s clothing during a session. By forcing him to wear female attire, they remove his male identity thereby gaining superiority. Pink panties and bra will probably emasculate most clients during the session.
Other reasons for dressing a client is the idea of 'Taking your sister shopping' or 'Having Lunch with your sister'.
Art of Transformation
"The Art of Transformation Coaching Femininity" by Meghan Laslocky

The term 'Transvestism' was first use by Magnus Hirschfeld in Berlin about 1915. It was the combination of 'trans' ('across') and 'vestism' ('to dress or wear'). It was used to describe people of one sex or gender to wear the clothes of the opposite sex or gender.

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