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Everyone who plays on a regular basis should put together a "toy bag". This is true for both Doms and Subs.

Your toy bag is a place to keep everything in one place. As a sub, you know everyone who has ever used each toy in the toy bag, and you know the last time it was cleaned. It can also be a self-limiting list of toys that you will allow someone to use on you during play by saying "If it isn't in MY toy bag, you can't use it!"

As a Dom, it allows you to show a submissive what they might expect. Going through your toy bag with a sub (before you play) will help establish your capabilities, limits and will help establish trust.

There are all type of toys, but they can generally broken down into several categories:

(things that hit) Floggers, single tails, Paddles, etc.
(things that are inserted) Dildoes, Butt Plugs, etc.
Sensation devices
Wartenberg Wheels, knife play, wax play
TENS Units, Violet Wands
cuffs, handcuffs, chains, locks, humblers, etc.
Medical toys
needles, OB-Gyn toys, enema equipment, etc.
nettles, clove, wasabi, cinnamon, other plants, etc, that cause stimulation
Torture devices
things that have no other basic use other than to cause pain.

Some items that you might think about having in a toy bag:

  • About a half a dozen handkerchiefs for use as gags or blindfolds
  • About a hundred and fifty feet of tubular webbing cut to various lengths to fit your personal preferences.
  • Chain, padlocks and keys.
  • Paddles
  • Floggers
  • EMT Safety shears
  • Personal needles and sharps, etc if you are interested in Medical Play and a sharps container to put used toys in.
  • A small CD player or radio to provide mood music (Don't forget the CD's)
  • A candle and matches to help set the mood (and to provide emergency lighting)
  • Coconut oil (for massage and/or personal lubricant)
  • Personal bathing soap (if you are allergic to some soaps)
  • Personal dildos and vibrator (That way you will know who has used them!)

Also see:

  • Sex Toys An article by Mistress Michelle

Remember that a toy bag is very much like a makeup bag. It has to fit your personality and it must fit the needs of the trip you are about to make, and someone will have to carry it!

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