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Total Power Exchange or TPE is a derivative of the concept of power exchange in a D/s relationship. The term refers to a relationship where the Dominant has complete authority and influence over the submissive's life, making the majority of decisions. TPE is occasionally referred to as 24/7, denoting that protocol in the D/s relationship is in play anytime, anyplace and the dominant partner gets complete power at all times of the day, though most consider these terms to have somewhat different definitions. More frequently, TPE is used interchangeably with the state of being a slave or being "Internally Enslaved".


24/7 is an abbreviation which stands for "24 hours a day, 7 days a week".

This extended phrase 24/7/365 adds "... 365 days a year"


Total Power Exchange was coined by Steven S. Davis in the newsgroup during his debates with Jon Jacobs in the mid 1990's.

Both TPE and Jacobs' preferred term, Absolute Power Exchange or APE, are problematic terms for some people, including many who pursue these types of D/s relationship, since the relationship is subject to the physical and the emotional limitations of the participants and therefore cannot genuinely be total or absolute.


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