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Picture of Tinto Brass

Tinto Brass (Giovanni Brass) is an Italian filmmaker, born 1933 in Milan, of Russian and Austro-Hungarian background.

He is noted especially for his work in the erotic genre. The trademark of his erotic films – especially La chiave (The Key) (1983), Miranda (1985) and Così fan tutte (All Ladies Do It) (1992) – is an emphasis on attractive women's buttocks. A similar fetishization of this body part is also found in the works of his countrymen Milo Manara (erotic comics artist) and Leone Frollo (BDSM and spanking artist).

Brass may be best known for his influential Nazi exploitation film Salon Kitty (1976), set in a Berlin brothel in 1939. Also his notorious and controversial pornographic film Caligula (1979) which portrays the decadence and depravity of Ancient Rome in graphic detail.

His 1998 erotic comedy Frivolous Lola (aka Monella) is noteworthy for its voyeuristic keyhole glimpse of a M/F spanking.

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