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The following books were published:

  • "The Complete Dr. Fell Volume One: Lost" by Syd McGinley


The Annual Mid Atlantic Leather weekend in Washington DC receives an unusual amount of press because it takes place the weekend before the inauguration of Barack Obama.


The Leather Archives & Museum receives a $10,000.00 donation from Bound South and the Leather Masked Ball, Ft. Lauderdale, FL. and a $2,500.00 donation from American Brotherhood Weekend, New Orleans, LA.

2009, Jan 16-28

The Centaur Motorcycle Club celebrate the 25th annual Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend in Washington DC.

2009, Jan 12

Death of Mark Olson. Mark served as SVL President through most of 2008 and Vice President in 2007. He also held the title of Sacramento Leatherboy 2006.

2009, Jan 16

The Leather Archives & Museum mounts a new exhibit in the Guest Artist Gallery. “Beauties Service," is a themed retrospective of watercolor figures, by Chicago Fetish Artist Kate Tastrophe. Her works illustrate women who have taken complete and utter control over their own external sexuality.

Kate Tastrophe, who speaks of her images as if they where real, works toward contemporary theories of 3rd wave feminism and shows that this newly found sexually liberated woman is nothing new. The images show women who use and accentuate their “assist,” and in doing so take hold of beauty and make it their servant. These ladies want to be looked at. They want to be studied. They want to inspire those dirty little thoughts. And it’s their rendering of “beauty” that grants them the power in that moment.

2009, Feb

The South Florida boys of Leather announced its formation (www.sflbol.com) and will continue in the tradition of most of the boy organizations across the nation.

2009, Feb 6

Beginning in February of 2009 six boys/bois in Cleveland, Ohio saw a hole in the community that they felt boys/bois were uniquely qualified to fill; the need for dedicated volunteers. Knowing that one of the biggest passions in a boys/bois heart is service and hearing the call for help from everywhere, they decided to form a club. They held their first meeting February 6, 2009 and thus The Ohio Boys of Leather was formed. The club is called appropriately enough….The Ohio Boys of Leather

2009, Feb 27-Mar 1

The 15 Association in San Francisco holds its 20th anniversary weekend party and the 10th annual South Plains Leather Fest takes place in Dallas, Texas with the naming of the new International Master/slave.

2009, Mar 21

The first ever Mr. Stonewall Inn Leather contest takes place in New York City.

2009, Apr 5

WALP (Women @ Amsterdam Leather Pride) ended its 12 year run.

2009, Apr 7

Gay porn icon Jack Wrangler died from complications of lung disease. He was 62

2009, Apr 17 The Leather Archives & Museum mounts a new exhibit, Under Orders by Kelly Courtney in the Guest Artist Gallery.
2009, Apr 25

The ShipMates Club of Baltimore celebrates their 35th Anniversary

2009, Apr 25

Chuck Renslow, John Willie and Tom of Finland are the first inductees into the Leather Hall of Fame at Cleveland Leather Awareness Weekend (CLAW).

2009, Jun 20

The Leather Archives & Museum opens a new exhibit in the Multi Media Gallery, the Leather SINS Screening Room. Leather Sins, a pansexual BDSM group near the city of Chicago has adopted what houses the Leather SINS Screening Room (adoption in progress). This upscale and contemporary screening room will house the institution's vast audio/video collection and will run clips from that collection during regular museum hours.

2009, 29 June
2009, Jul

GMSMA (Gay Male S/M Activists) goes into the history books and ceases existence. During its heyday, GMSMA had hundreds of members from not only New York City but from across the country and even from overseas. Regular meetings were held twice a month, and it was not uncommon for the third floor meeting room of the gay community center on West 13th Street to be jam packed with dozens or even 100 or more men eager to learn and to socialize. One night the topic might be how to tie up your boyfriend in really good rope bondage, another time you could learn all about flogging and whipping, or how to put together a really kick-ass cop or firefighter uniform.

2009, Jul 2-5

The Rockymountaineers celebrate their 35th Anniversary, The Golden Fleece Run

2009, Jul 3-5

The DC boys of Leather celebrate their 10th Anniversary

2009, Jul 27

Cathy Kuhlum, former President of the T-Bears in Boston and active member of the East coast leather community, passes away from a heart atack

2009, Aug 10

The passing of Gary Coulter of the Rochester Rams

2009, Aug 12

The passing of one of the founders of the DC Boys of Leather Ray Hall. Ray's work lead to the founding of 27 Boys of Leather Clubs were founded across the country, including Chicago.

2009, Aug 15

WOOLF celebrates Leather Camp V in Wichita, KS

2009, Aug 15

Al Reese, the first Mr. San Diego Eagle and the 1st runner up at International Mr. Leather 1995 passes away

2009, Aug 18

Jack McGeorge, founder of Black Rose, an officer of the Leather Leadership Conference and frequently recognized regional leader for BDSM advocacy and education passed away from a complication of open heart surgery

2009, Sep 12

The Regiment of the Black & Tans celebrate their 35th Anniversary

2009, Oct

In Toronto Canada, The Bent Inn, a "leather themed" bed & breakfast, closed its doors

2009, Oct 8

Marcus Hernandez, who served as the Bay Area Reporter's longtime leather columnist, died Thursday, October 8 at Pacifica Nursing and Rehab Center in Pacifica. He was 77. The cause of death was complications from diabetes and arteriosclerosis.

Mr. Hernandez was known to his legions of readers by his pen name "Mister Marcus" and dubbed the "dean of leather columnists." His weekly columns of contest goings-on and gossip were a must-read for leather community leaders, titleholders, and newcomers alike for 38 years.

2009, Oct 10

After 10 years of serving the Sydney/Petersham, Australia fetish community, the Manacle closed its doors

2009, Oct 10

In honor of their 45th Anniversary, the Empire City MC celebrate aboard the USS Lexington at the Skyport Marina in New York City

2009, Oct 13
2009, Oct 17

While sorting the collection papers of Tony DeBlase at the LA&M, Board Member Rob Ridinger uncovers the original draft of the Leather History Timeline including all citations on the compellation of the Timeline and a paragraph explaining how to contribute more information. This information will be made available to the general public before the end of 2009.

2009, Oct 23

The LA&M opens a new exhibit in the Guest Artist Gallery, "Restraint" by John Randle. Born in 1944 and raised in Chicago, John Randle received a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1968 and taught art in high school for 31 years in suburban Chicago. He also received an MA degree in Interdisciplinary Arts from Columbia College in 1989. He has been retired for 10 years and enjoys travel and working for small theater companies. He was resident scenic designer for the NeoFuturists for 5 years and created two shows of drawings and paintings for their productions of "Alice" and "The Last Five Minutes of the Complete Works of Henrik Ibsen". He had a show of drawings and paintings this year at Touche'.

2009, Oct 23-25

Leather SINS celebrates their annual event, Kinky Kollege V, "Taboo, Taboo" in Chicago

2009, Oct 25

Robert "Bob" Maddox. co-founder of Male Hide Leathers passed away suddenly at the age of 74. Bob, with his lover and partner Frank Goley, began making leather attire for friends at their kitchen table before opening their first store in Chicago. A memorial service was held at the Leather Archives & Museum in November where hundreds of leather folk showed up to celebrate his life.

2009, Oct 31

Longtime gay activist Larry Stansbury, 61, died Saturday, Oct. 31, following a weeks-long struggle at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in the District.

2009, Nov

Atlanta-based Window Media, ceased operations at gay-oriented publications, which include the Washinton Blade newspaper, Southern Voice newspaper and David magazine in Atlanta, and the South Florida Blade and 411 magazine in Florida.

2009, Nov 21

The Thanksgiving Slave Auction takes place at Dragons Gate Studios in Yorba Linda, CA in the Dungeon of Mistress Jordan. This is its 10th year Anniversary

2009, Nov 21

Memorials for Mr. Marcus were held all over the United States wit the main service taking place at City Nights in San Francisco, CA

2009, Nov 24

The Atlanta Eagle, and patrons who were present during the police raid on September 10, 2009, filed a federal civil rights lawsuit this morning against the City of Atlanta, Police Chief Richard Pennington, and the individual police officers involved in the raid. The lawsuit was filed jointly by Atlanta attorney Dan Grossman, Lamdba Legal, and The Southern Center for Human Rights

2009, Nov 28

The Satyrs MC celebrate their 55th Anniversary

2009, Nov 28

At the Leather Masked Ball in Fort Lauderdale, FL. International Leatherboy Bill Hoeppner donates David Kloss' International Mr. Leather 1979 title vest to the Leather Archives & Museum. Bill had won the vest in an auction at the International Leather Sir/boy contest in San Francisco and thought it was only fitting that it be sent home to the LA&M

2009, Dec 1

SPICE (South Florida People Involved in Consensual Endeavors" disbands donating their remaining funds to the Leather Archives & Museum and the NCSF

2009, Dec 16

Mr. Bullet Leather 2000 Ted "Tedbear" Kuehner passed away on Wednesday December 16 while visiting his family in Indiana for the Christmas Holiday.

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