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Books Published

  • Bootblacking 101 by Andrew McDiarmid
Jan 1
Registered partnerships came into effect in Switzerland.
Equality Act (Sexual Orientation) Regulations came into effect in Northern Ireland
Jan 3
Bill Burns and Robin Stewart of SMC presented SM-201 Legend Awards
Jan 12
The Mexican state of Coahuila becomes the first state to approve same-sex civil unions in Mexico after a similar measure in Mexico City past November.
Feb 7
William A. Henkin and Sybil Holiday (authors of Consensual Sadomasochism presented Legend Awards
Feb 8
Anna Nicole Smith dies
Feb 17
  • 2007 Pantheon of leather Awards are held in Chicago
Man of the Year - Dave Rhodes
Woman of the Year - Pandora
May 11
  • Merrill Seldes dies - Merrill was the owner & co- founder of "The Noose" in NYC.
Apr 5
  • Glenda Ryder, new owner of International Ms Leather moves the contest back to San Francisco, Ca
July 15
  • subflirt (a major poster to the internet) of Fort Wayne, Indiana dies
August 13
  • Sharon Leaha Waller (✴May 05, 1953 - †Aug 13, 2007) wife of Lenny Waller and one of the founders of Hellfire Club, NYC
Aug 31
  • The NOOSE NYC (261 W 19th St, New York, NY 10011) closes - The Noose, owned by Merrill Seldes, who died May 11 this year
Oct 21
  • Danny Majewski, manager of the Detroit Eagle and co-manager of the Chicago Cellblock died suddenly while bartending at the Detroit Eagle.
Nov 23
  • Atlanta police recently raided a local gathering of gay leather enthusiasts for the second time in 12 months, even though organizers of the second event took specific steps to avoid attracting the police attention that shut down a leather party at the same location in 2006. For complete article, see http://www.sovo.com/2007/11-23/news/localnews/7753.cfm
  • The Board of Director of the Great Lakes Leather Alliance decided to remove Zarius and talina as Great Lakes Master and slave 2007. They will no longer be representing the Great Lakes Master and slave titles. Zarius and talina had previously offered to resign their titles and were told that the acceptance of their resignations was at the discretion of the board. Therefore the resignations were not accepted. The removal of them as representatives was due to actions unbecoming to a titleholder and Great Lakes representative. (CoL)

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