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Masquerade of Submission by Anonymous
Owned-Reflections of a Submissive by Toya
Feb. 15-17
  • Pantheon of Leather is moved to Chicago from New Orleans due to security concerns and a conflict with the Super Bowl.
April 7
Guy Baldwin delivers a powerful speech at the sixth Leather Leadership Conference in Manhattan Beach , California, rejecting the philosophy of inclusion and emphasizing Old Guard values and self-responsibility as guides to developing as a leatherperson. The speech causes widespread debate.
April 28
  • Homosexuality is decriminalized in China, as the newly amended Marriage Law avoids this topic.
  • Stephen Weber, Mr. Texas Leather 2002, , sponsored by the Dallas Eagle, becomes International Mr. Leather 2002. First runner-up is Borisz Mos, Mr. Leather Holland 2002, and second runner-up is Herb Kaylor, Mr. DC Eagle 2002.
May 6
  • Openly gay Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn is assassinated by Volkert van der Graaf.
May 10
  • Canadian gay teenager Marc Hall wins an injunction permitting him to bring his boyfriend to his prom.
Jul. 19-21
  • Atons of Minneapolis celebrate 30 years of existence at Gopher XV, including a spectacular outdoor sunset ceremony with a ring of torches set to light the parade of colors and a large XXX symbol set afire. The Mid America Conference of Clubs also met at this event.
Jul. 27
  • Russ Cosgrove of Calgary, Alberta becomes the first woman living outside the United States to win the title of International Ms. Leather at the contest in Omaha, Nebraska.
  • Austria's Article 209 of the Penal Code was removed equalising the age of consent at 14.
August 3-11
  • A proclamation is issued by Mayor Vera Katz of Portland, Oregon, designating this week as “ Leather Pride Week “ and recognizing the local leather community for its contribution to the city’s diversity The move was immediately attacked by the Concerned Women of America. Portland was the second city in the United States to issue such a proclamation, San Francisco having been first.
September 4
  • Hungary - The Constitutional Court has repealed the § 199 of the penal code so the age of consent has been equal for both heterosexual and homosexual activity at 14.
September 22
  • Switzerland - Voters in the canton of Zurich voted 63% to 37% to give same-sex couples the same legal rights as married opposite-sex couples. This includes tax, inheritance, and social security benefits. These rights are only given to same-sex couples who live in Zurich canton and who register with the government, promising to live together and support each other for six months.
  • Orange Coast Leather Assembly celebrates its tenth anniversary.
  • Jack McGeorge become the center of international attention after his appointment on the UN team seeking weapons of mass destruction in Iraq when his SM affiliations and activities with such bodies as the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom is made public. McGeorge is retained in his position.
November 2
  • Australia - The sixth Gay Games, Under New Skies, kicks off in Sydney, Australia with 12,100 participants.

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