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Publication of:

Sweet Submission by Lia Anderssen
Come Hither: A Commonsense Guide to Kinky Sex by Gloria G. Brame
The Sharp Edge of Love: Extreme Sex! Mythic Romance! Primal Intensity! by Galen
The 43rd Mistress: A sensual Odyssey by Grant Andrews
Personal Recollections of the Use of the Rod by Margaret Anson
The Slave of Lidir by Aran Ashe
No Mercy by Pat Califia
Emmanuelle, Bianca and Venus in Furs by Guido Crepax and Gunter Krenn
Justine and the Story of O by Guido Crepax and Gunter Krenn
Shameful Acts by Hamlin Gage
Philosophy in the Boudoir by Marquis de Sade
When the Master Speaks by Josephine Scott
The Mystified Magistrate and Other Tales by Richard Seaver, translator
Whipped Women by Jean de Villiot
Sex Sadists, David Jacobs, ed.
Brought to Heel by Arabella Knight
Night in the Afternoon and Other Erotica, Caroline Lamarche, Howard Curtis, translator
Rough Stuff: Tales of Gay Men, Sex, and Power. Simon Sheppard, M. Christian, ed
The Hounds of Hell and Other Sm Stories by Larry Townsend
Jay Wiseman's Erotic Bondage Handbook by Jay Wiseman
The Art of Sensual Female Dominance: A Guide for Women by Claudia Varrin, Cynthia Lechan
The Mistress Manual: The Good Girl's Guide to Female Dominance by Lorelei
12 January
the ban on lesbians and gay men serving in the United Kingdom armed forces is lifted.
Mark Frazier announces the beginning of his SM Video Project. The documentary film, eventually titled Out of the Darkness- The Reality of SM, premiered in February 2001.
Feb. 1
The city attorney of San Diego drops all charges against the remaining five plaintiffs in the Club X play party raid.
Feb. 17
The Leather Archives opens its doors in the new building on Greenview Avenue, Chicago
March 7
Same-sex marriage in the United States: California voters approve Proposition 22, a preemptive proposition stating that California will not recognize same-sex marriages, even if the marriages took place in states that permitted them.
Mar. 31-Apr. 2
The fourth Leather Leadership Conference is held in Washington, D.C.
Mike Taylor, Mr. Heartland Leather 2000, is named IML 2000. First runner-up is Scott Bloom, Mr. Pistons Leather, sponsored by Pistons LLC, Long Beach, California. Second runner up is Bob "Puppy" Pedder, Mr. Boston Leather 2000, sponsored by CRC Associates, Boston.
21 June
The Scottish Parliament repeals Section 28, the law that banned local authorities from "promoting homosexuality". It is the first part of the United Kingdom to do so.
July 1
Vermont civil unions law goes into effect, granting most state-level marriage rights to registered same-sex couples.
Jul. 8
Two police officers in Attleboro, Massachusetts, break into a warehouse looking for stolen guitars, interrupting a private play party. The resulting arrests and publicity quickly become known as the "Paddleboro case," one of the recent court cases involving SM.
Jul. 21-23
Atons of Minneapolis host Gopher XIV, The Legend of Paul Bunyan
Sep. 29-Oct. 1
The first Great Lakes Leather Conference is held in Louisville, Kentucky.
Oct. 13-15
The Tom of Finland Foundation hosts its sixth Erotic Art Weekend in Los Angeles
Dec. 12
NLA Florida presents a proposed pledge of allegiance to the Leather Pride flag at its holiday party in Fort Lauderdale. The pledge reads: "I pledge allegiance to the Leather Pride flag, and the union of Leather people for which it stands, with safety, sanity and consent for all."
The age of consent in the United Kingdom is equalised at 16 in all cases (previously it had been 18 for sex between males and 16 for sex between males and females). The equalisation took place after a long struggle, in which the Labour Party eventually invoked the Parliament Act due to repeated House of Lords opposition.

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