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Books Published

  • Publication of the first issue of Body Play magazine, edited and published by Fakir Musifar.
  • Mapplethorpe, Assault ith a Deadly Camera, A Pop Culture Memoir by Jack Fritscher.
  • Shaddowman by Torsten Barring,
  • The Flesh Fables, a collection of short stories by Aaron Travis.
  • The Slave Prince by Vince Gilman
  • A Caning For Sinngapore, by RT/Texas
  • Leathersex: A Guide for the Curious Outsider
  • The Serious Player by Joseph Bean,
  • Doing it for Daddy by Pat Califia,
  • Public Sex by Pat Califia
  • Beneath the Skins, by Ivo Domingues Jr.
  • Elements of Arousal by Lars Eighner
  • Leathersex by Max Exander (Paul Reed)
  • Leatherwomen II, edited by Laura Antoniou The Slave, Book 2 in the Marketplace series, by Laura Antoniou (Masquerade edition)
  • Sadomasochism by William Thompson.
  • Submission Holds by Key Lincoln
  • Hustling: A Gentleman's Guide to the Fine Art of Homosexual Prostitution by John Preston
  • Tales from the Dark Lord II by John Preston,
  • The Kiss of the Whip: Explorations in SM by Jim Prezwalski,
  • The Master's Manual: A Handbook of Erotic Dominance by Jack Rinella,
  • Tom of Finland, His Life and Times by Valentine F. Hooven III.
  • Animal Handlers by Jay Shaffer,
  • That Day at the Quarry by Tom Shaw,
  • Resource Book Three by SM Gays of London,
  • Erotica Universalis by Giles Neret
  • Rituals by Kyle Stone,
  • The Case of the Severed Head by Larry Townsend,
  • Hazing: An Anthology of Hazing Tales by Bob Wingate. [G 96]

Clubs and groups formed

Bears LA (Los Angeles), Bears of San Francisco, Bears SD (San Diego), Vancouver [BC] branch of Betty Page Social Club, Black Eagle Leather Klub (Los Angeles), Black Jack Bears (Las Vegas), Boston Rubber Club, Brothers in Leather, Chemnitzer Eagle (Germany), Club Les Cuirasses de Quebec (Quebec City), Defenders LLC/San Francisco, Delta International, Enforcers RI (Providence), Empowerment through Sensual Conduct and Attitudes Power Exchange (Escape, Las Vegas), FIST (Houston), Females Investigating Sexual Terrain (FIST, Baltimore) 4-L Club (SF), Houston Area Bears, Inter-Bike (Copenhagen), Leather Club Thuringen (Germany), Leather Scribes, Mates Provincetown, Mecs en Caoutchiuc (Dammarie Les Lys, FR), Rogues MC (Roanoke, VA), SandMen (San Diego), Silver State Leather Association (Reno), Steel City Centurions (Birmingham AL), Tennessee Leather Tribe, Memphis
Toronto Deaf Leather Association and Trident Knights (Charleston SC). [G 96]
Mudmen (Houston) changes name to SludgeMaster. [G 96]
The pansexual German SM-group Offener Gespraechskreis SM is formed in Berlin. [wd]
The German SM-group SMile Freiburg is formed in Friburg. [wd]
Satyrs MC, the oldest leather/motorcycle club in the USA (and the world) holds the 33rd and LAST Badger Flats Run. [G 96] That is what they said then, in 1998 the Satyrs resume the Badger Flats Run!

Business openings include

Clone Zone store on Earls Court, across from the Coleherne, London's oldest leather bar; Gays and Lesbians of Brooklyn and Everywhere community center; Mon Cheri's The Chamber, Atlanta, GA; Our House Gallery, Amsterdam; and 7702 SM Club, West Hollywood. [G 96]


First Mr. Bear Ohio, Ms East Coast Leather, Idaho Leather Pride, Mr. New Mexico Leather, Mr. New Mexico Leather Pride, Mr. Oklahoma Drummer, Mr. Philadelphia Deaf Leather, Rocky Mountain Ms Leather, Ms San Diego Leather Woman, and Western Canada Drummer contests. [G 96]


Historian John F Boswell; Mr. Drummer 1993, Emerson Briney
Mr. Sacramento Leather 1991, Randy Gray; Great Lakes Drummer Boy 1993, David Hawn; International Mr. Leather 1987, Thomas Karasch; author John Preston; The first Mr. Leather New York, Henry Romanowski; Leather Journal columnist Paul "Papa Bear" Shem; San Francisco Eagle manager, Terry Thompson; Mr. Indiana Leather 1992, Ed Tobin; and David Weinbaum of GMSMA. [G 96]
In Germany, a new Article 182 introduced a common age of consent of 14. Previously it had been 18 in the former West Germany (for sex between men), and 14 in the former East Germany for all.
In South Africa, all homosexuality is legalised at a set age of consent of 19, however the heterosexual age of consent is set at 16.
In the United Kingdom, the age of consent for gay men is reduced to 18, still two years more than that for heterosexuals.
Brent Lacey (IML 1993 fist runner-up) receives Order of Australia from Queen Elizabeth II for success of the Red Ribbon Project. [G 96]
Chicks in White Satin, a documentary film by Elaine Holliman about a lesbian wedding ceremony is nominated for an Academy Award.
First issues of serials Black Leather in Color, Fetish, In Uniform, Masta Entertainment Complete Video Catalog, and Project X. [G 96]
Gayle Rubin completes her PhD in Anthropology at the University of Michigan. Her dissertation is The Valley of the Kings: Leathermen in San Francisco, 1960 - 1990.
Faultline, formerly Griff's Los Angeles, reopens. [G 96]
James McGlade buys The Leather Rack (DC) from Richard Cogan. [G 96]
In an interview published in "The New Yorker", Dominique Aury admits that she is Pauline Reage, author of The Story of O. She said she wrote the book as a love letter to the man she adored, Jean Paulhan, a prominent French critic, after he said she couldn't write an erotic book.
1994, early
The mailbox Slaves and Masters BBS is founded in Hamburg, Germany. [wd]
The new Republic of South Africa constitution prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation. [G 96]
The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 4th Edition is issued with considerably revised definitions of Masochism and Sadism, which in essence say that it they are not illnesses unless you are bothered by your interest in them and they interfere with your normal functioning in other aspects of your life.
Thomas S. Weinberg publishes a summary of two decades of sociological research on sadomasochism, describing it as "erotic, consensual, and recreational". [wd]
The American psychologist Eugene E. Levitt and colleagues confirm Breslow's finding that non-prostitute female sadomasochists exist. [wd]
The first Spanner/Mart fundraiser, organized by the 15 Association and others, is held in San Francisco to raise money for the Operation Spanner defense fund. [G 96]
A film version of Ann Rice's novel Exit to Eden is released. It is very SM positive, but critics pan it. It is pretty silly, but so was the novel.
Victor Magide is named American Leatherman and Sarah Humble is named American Leatherwoman.
Jose Granda is named International Mr. Deaf Leather.
Ryan Johnson is named Mr. Vulcan Rubber 1994.
Missouri high school teacher Rodney Wilson organizes teachers and community leaders to educate the public about the history of lesbian, gay and bisexual people. The National Gay and Lesbian History Month each October grows out of this movement. [TOL]
1994, Jan.
The Lure, a leather bar, opens in New York city just around the corner from the former site of the Mineshaft. The consortium of owners are all leathermen. It is instantly successful.
1994, Jan 19
Tennessee Leather Tribe founded in Memphis.[RR]
1994, Feb. 4
Sheila Kuehl becomes the first out gay or lesbian elected to the California Assembly. [TOL]
1994, Feb 21
The United Kingdom House of Commons rejects a motion to equalize the age of consent at 16, but supports an amendment to reduce the age for gay men to 18.
1994, Feb. 26
For the first time Gay and Lesbian Asian-Pacific organizations are included in the San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade. [TOL]
1994, March
Publication of Doomed Rabbit, Recipes from the Kitchens of Leather Folk and Friends compiled by Aubrey Hart Sparks, and including recipes contributed by leather people from all over North America, and from some non-leather people including Hillary Clinton, is published as a fundraiser in the "Hands off Washington" campaign.
1994, March
The American lesbian SM-group Female Trouble in Philadelphia publishes the study "Violence against SM Women within the Lesbian Community" (The "Jad Keres Report" ). Based on a 539 questionnaires completed by lesbian sadomasochists, the study documents that 56% of them were subjected to some form of violence from vanilla lesbians because of their SM orientation. This is the only known study on violence against sadomasochists, lesbian or otherwise. [wd]
1994, March 5
John Birch and Beau Lee James of Oak Brook IL are selected as the International Master and slave at this year's contest in Houston.
1994, March 6
The Leather Journal's Pantheon of Leather awards ceremony is held in Houston. Joseph Bean and K.T. Chase are named Man and Woman of the Year. Other awards are: Business Person: Scott Rodriguez of the Cuff in Seattle WA; Business: Mr. S Leathers, San Francisco; Club: Centaur MC, Washington DC; Club sponsored event: Living in Leather VIII; Non-Profit Organization: Brother Help Thyself, Washington DC; Forbearer: Dom "Etienne" Orejudos; Lifetime Achievement: Tony DeBlase; Readers Choice: Lenny Broberg and K. T. Chase; Publisher's: Brian Dawson; International: Don Bastian, Calgary; Regionals: West Coast - Guy Baldwin; Rocky Mountain - Joe Potter; South Central - Boots Adams; Midwest - Ed Tobin; Southeast - Jose Alberto Ucles; Eastern - Alan Chiras; Canadian - Trevor Jacques.
1994, March 9
Scott Amedure gay man was shot to death by Jonathan Schmitz after revealing a secret crush on his heterosexual friend during a taping of the Jenny Jones talk show. Schmitz later convicted of second-degree murder with a sentence of 30 to 50 years.
1994, March 19
Anne Bergstedt of Seattle WA, is selected as the 8th International Ms Leather at the contest in San Francisco. She later resigns and Cindy Bookout, the first runner up, assumes the title.
1994, March 25-27
Omikron of Indianapolis holds its first major run: Omikron 500 -- Lap 1. The Mr. Indiana Leather Contest was won by Lance Bray of Fort Wane.
1994, March 31
Tom of Finland exhibition opens at the Schwules Museum in Berlin for a three month run. A Catalog of the exhibition is published: Tom of Finland Exhibition 1994-95.
1994, May 27
The second edition of this Leather History Timeline is published.
1994, May 27-30
Leather Archives & Museum exhibits a portion of it's collection in Chicago during International Mr. Leather 1994.
1994, May 29
16th International Mr. Leather Contest. Jeff Tucker of San Jose is selected at the contest at the Congress Theatre in Chicago.
1994, May 29
International Boot Black 1994, William Steele is named during the IML contest in Chicago.
1994, June,
Gay Games IV held in New York City
1994, June,
Celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the Stonewall Riots held in New York City at the conclusion of Gay Games 1994. Hundreds of thousands of gay men and women fill the city in celebration.
1994, June
A consortium of NYC area leather/SM clubs sponsors International SM-Leather-Fetish Celebration. The largest conference of SM/leather/fetish people yet!
1994, June
Becoming Visible, an exhibit centering on the Stonewall riots, but extending well into the pre-stonewall era of gay and lesbian history in New York City is featured at the New York Public Library. SUPERB!
1994, June
Publication of Long Road to Freedom, The Advocate History of the Gay and Lesbian Movement edited by Mark Thompson.
1994, June
Joe Granda wins International Mr. Deaf Leather contest in New York City.
1994, June 18
The fourth Gay Games, Unity '94, kicks off in New York City with 11,000 participants.
1994, June 23
The German government television station ARD shows a documentary on the SM group Suendikat Hamburg. Though the end shows a female sadomasochist who plans to get rid of her orientation, the tone of this programs is mostly positive. [wd]
1994, July
Michael M. Schein is convicted of obscenity for producing and distributing gay male videos, including Give That Man a Hand, depicting urination. He is sentanced to 18 months federal detention.
1994, Sept.
Chicago Hellfire Club hosts Inferno 23 in Douglas Michigan. Tony Philbin receives the Caligula award and Ralph Cheesborough the J Paul Eaton award.
1994, Sept.
Leather Pride Week in San Francisco. Keith Hunt is named International Mr. Drummer 1994/95,and Mark Colter is named International Drummber Boy.
1994, Sept.
The first regular German radio program on sadomasochism by sadomasochists, "Radio Schwazer Adler", is started in Hamburg. It will broadcast over 30 programs by July 1997. [wd]
1994, Oct.
Living in Leather IX is held in Toronto ON. K. T. Chase becomes new female Co-chair. Lifetime Achievement awards are presented to John Preston and Nan Burrows. Titleholders selected are Mr. NLA Don Bastian of Calgary and Ms NLA Mary Dante of Toronto.
1994, December 6
The American Medical Association declares its opposition to treatments intended to cure homosexuality.
1994, Dec. 10
Bear Dog Hoffman takes over Richard Bulger's ailing Brush Creek Media (Bear and Power Play magazines) and quickly adds Terry LeGrande's Parkwood Publications (International Leatherman, FQ, etc.) Brush Creek soon revives Bunknhouse and Honbres Latinos.magazines.


March 9 - Scott Amedure @wk, 32, talk show murder victim

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