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Books Published

  • Frisk by Dennis Cooper a highly controversial novel full of violence and terminal scenes.
  • Leather Rouges and Rouges to Remember by Bill Lee (R. L. Warner).
  • Understanding the Male Hustler by Sam Steward.
  • A Breviary of Torment poems by Thomas Cashet.
  • Master's Counterpoints by Larry Townsend, the first in a series of gay mystery novels with a leather theme.
  • The Joy of Sexual Fantasy by Dr. Andrew Stanway.
  • Leathermen Speak Out, An Anthology on Leathersex Edited by Jack Ricardo.

Clubs and groups formed

Formation of Baltimore Leather Association of the Deaf (BLADeaf); Chain of Command, San Antonio; DAMES, Milwaukee; Key West Wreckers LLC; Melbourne Leather Men; NLA:Houston; Ozbears Australia, Sydney; Patrol Uniform Club, San Antonio; Stars MC, Albany NY; Tri-State Wolfpack, Cincinnati; Three Rivers LC, Pittsburgh; and Unicorns of Madison, WI.
The red ribbon was first used as a symbol of the fight against HIV/AIDS. It first came to prominence at the 1991 Tony Awards.
Melbourne Leather Men become the first club to incorporated the Leather Pride Flag design elements into their club colors.
C-Space, a leather/SM/fetish educational service, which conducts lectures, demonstrations, etc. on various subjects, is organized in Seattle.
The German lawyer Valentin Sitzmann publishes Zur Strafbarkeit sado-masochistischer Koerperverletzung. His analysis of German federal law comes to the conclusion that consensual sadomasochism is legal in Germany as long as any injury is not excessive. In his opinion, Masochists cannot be sued at all. [wd]
Actor Paul Reubens, better know as his character Pee Wee Herman, is arrested for exposing himself and mastrubating in a Florida porn cinema. He lost his job as host of a popular children's TV show.
The first American Leatherman contest names Jose Alberto Ucles as the titleholder.
1991, Feb.
The Leather Journal holds its first Pantheon of Leather awards ceremony in Los Angeles. Bill Costomiris and Susie Shepherd are named Man and Woman of the Year. Lee Willis of the Studworks is named Business Person of the year and Tarheel Leather Club is Club of the Year. New awards this year include
Forbearer - Tom of Finland; Not for profit Organization - The Robert Maplethorpe Foundation; Reader's Choice - Susie Shepard; Publisher's Award - Bob Craig. Regional
Race Bannon, Bill Costomiris, Jaye Evans, & George Nelson.
1991, March
Kay Hallanger of Bloomington, IN, is named the 5th International Ms Leather at the contest in San Francisco.
1991, Mar. 8
GMSMA celebrates its 10th Anniversary with a reception, conference, banquet, and show. The printed program is rich in historical information including a prototype of this timeline compiled by Gil Kessler and Thor Stockman.
1991, May
D. Cannon of Palm Springs CA is named the 13th International Mr. Leather at the Vic Theatre in Chicago.
1991 May 19
Hong Kong's Executive Council votes to decriminalize homosexuality.
1991, June 20
First pride celebration held in Russia begins and runs for 10 days in Moscow.
1991, Summer
Luke Owen's Master & Slave contest in Los Angeles is won by Race Bannon & Mike Pierce.
1991, Summer
The German SM-activist group "AG SM & Oeffentlichkeit" is formed as part of the Suendikat Hamburg. Its aim is to imporove the contact of sadomasochists with the general public and spread information among the German SM-subculture. [wd]
1991, July 7
Philip Rubin is named the first International Mr. Deaf Leather at the contest in Dallas.
1991, Aug 8th-12th
Lifestyles '91 Convention held in Las Vegas
1991, Sept. 6-12
Chicago Hellfire Club holds Inferno 20 in Douglas MI. Tony DeBlase receives the Caligula Award and John Robbins the J Paul Eaton award. This year Inferno is expanded to six days, divided into A and B sessions.
1991, Sept.20 - 21
Woody Bebout of St. Louis is named the 12th Mr. Drummer at the contest in San Francisco. Kevin Stedman of Orlando FL becomes the third Drummerboy of the year.
1991, Sept. 24
Dom "Etienne" Orejudos dies of AIDS related causes in Boulder, Colorado.
1991, Oct.
Leatherfolk, a collection of essays on gay and lesbian SM, edited by Mark Thompson is published.
1991, Oct. 11
At the opening ceremonies of Living in Leather a Canadian version of the Leather Pride Flag is presented. It ads to the basic design of the flag a row of red maple leaves running horizontally through the white stripe. To the best of my knowlege the design has never been used again. [AFD]
1991, Oct. 11-13
NLA's Living in Leather VI conference is held in Chicago. Perry Watkins delivers the keynote address and Steve Maidhof and Jan Lyon are presented with Lifetime Achievement Awards. Bill Miranda Saltzman and Laura Goodwin are named Mr. and Ms NLA at the contest.
1991, Nov. 7
Tom of Finland dies of emphysema in Helsinki at the age of 71.
1991, Nov. 11
Steve Maidhof, founding daddy of the National Leather Association and creator of the Living in Leather conferences, dies in San Francisco.

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