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Publication of

  • Bad Boys & Tough Tattoos by Sam Steward.
  • Some Dance to Remember by Jack Fritscher, a novel set in San Francisco's gay leather scene.
  • Lights out in the Reptile House a novel by Jim Shepard, a novel with strong SM overtones.
  • The Quest a short story collection by Ben George.
  • Doc and Fluff a lesbian SM novel by Pat Califia.
  • Mineshaft Nights by Leo Cardini, an accurate picture of this famous place by one of its former employees.
  • From Female to Male The Life of Jack Bee Garland by Louis Sullivan
  • Encyclopedia of Homosexuality a two volume set edited by Wayne R. Dynes
  • Coming Out Under Fire The History of Gay Men and Women in World War Two by Allan Berube

Clubs and groups formed

Formation of Bay Area Levi/Leather Society (BALLS), Corpus Christi; Bluegrass Colts, Lexington; Northwest Bears, Seattle; Omikron, Indianapolis; Tarheel Leather Club, Greensboro NC; Tri-State Gay Rodeo Association; and United Leatherfolk of Connecticut. Barbary Coasters MC, SF; Trash, BC; and Zodiacs, BC disband.
Formation of the Betty Page Social Club, sponsor of Toronto's Fetish nights.
The Finnish Government awards a $50,000 grant towards the making of a documentary on the life and work of Tom of Finland, to be intitled Daddy and the Muscle Academy. [LJ 93]
QSM (Quality SM) founded by Karen Mendelsohn starts a series of SM/fetish educational classes in San Francisco, that is still going strong as this is published. [LJ 93]
Members of BackDrop Club's sessions staff move to a house near Berkeley, CA, and take the name Fantasy Makers, offering a wide range of fetish and fantasy play activities. They are still active today.
The newly formed Tarheel Leather Club of Greensboro North Carolina, takes on the formidable task of trying to unseat US Senator Jesse Helms R-NC. Their "Beat Jesse" campaign gains nationwide support, including that of IMsL Susie Sheperd with her t-shirt campaign. [LJ 93]

The US Census Bureau for the fist time includes a question on the census form that can help identify same sex couples. 69,200 female couples and 88,200 male couples self-identify. [TOL]


Release of USSM 1, the first of a series of four videos co-produced by Zeus and Drummer that depict real SM scenes with real SM players. There will eventually be four titles in this series. By 1995 they will be withdrawn from the US market due to persecution of the Los Angeles police.


The 16 defendants in England's Operation Spanner case are brought to trial and convicted of assault and battery, because the judge rules that consent is not recognized, and even the bottoms who were consensually "assaulted" are deemed guilty!

1990, Jan.

The German SM-group "ibS/Mir" is formed in Kiel. By 1995 it will have about 20 members. [wd]

1990, Feb.

The Leather Journal names Dustin Logan, of Omaha Nebraska, and Jan Lyon of Seattle, man and woman of the year. Tony DeBlase is named business person of the year and GMSMA is named club of the year.

1990, Feb. 24

Death of Malcolm Forbes, American millionaire and publisher of Forbes magazine. After his death it was revealed that Forbes, who had been divorced in 1985, spent an increasing amount of time in his later years in leather, riding his motorcycle and visiting New York City's leather/SM bars and backrooms (born: Aug. 18, 1919)

1990, Mar. 3

A fire destroys Touche, a prominent Chicago Leather Bar.

1990, March

New York City officials close safe-sex clubs in the wake of a club fire.

1990, March

Gabriel Antolovich of San Diego becomes the fourth International Ms Leather at the contest in San Francisco.

1990, May 10

Chuck Renslow awarded charter membership in the City of Chicago Gay & Lesbian Hall of Fame.

1990, May

Mark Ryan of Boston is named the 12th International Mr. Leather at the contest at the Vic Theatre in Chicago.

1989, May

Susie Shepherd, International Ms Leather 1989, is the first woman to appear on the cover of The Leather Journal #15. The decision is not popular with magazine readers. [LJ 93]

1990, June

In New York City GMSMA is invited to send a representative to a community meeting to be held at the residence of the Mayor.

1990, Summer

Luke Owens' Master & Slave contest is held in Los Angeles and won by Mark Bowers and Bob Farrell.

1990, July 24

Congressman Bob Dornan reads his "psychopath" speech into the US Congressional Record, saying, “There are no psychopathic dark recesses of my mind that know how to handle sadism, masochism, bondage, discipline, or torture disguised as some sort of sexual thrill” [JWB]

1990, Autumn

The German SM-group SMbH is formed in Hannover. [wd]

1990, Sept

Chicago Hellfire Club holds Inferno 19 in Douglas MI. William Robert Birtles receives the Caligula Award and Brian Drake the J. Paul Eaton award.

1990, Sept. 18

Clive Platman, Mr. Australia Drummer, presents Leather Pride Flag designer Tony DeBlase with an Australian version of the flag, incorporating the southern cross, from the Autstralian national flag, onto the original LPF design.

1990, Sept. 22

Clive Platman of Melborne, Australia is named the 11th Mr. Drummer in the first truly International Mr. Drummer contest in San Francisco. John Siracusa is named Drummerboy of the year.

1990, Oct. 26-29

NLA's Living In Leather V conference is held in Portland, OR. Jim Richards is reelected Male cochair and Shannon Kennedy is elected Female co-chair. The Rev. Troy Perry is keynote speaker and Chuck Renslow and Pat Califia are presented with lifetime achievement awards. The contest is switched to LIL from May Day and Howard Martin of Seattle and Ruth Marks of San Francisco win the Mr. and Ms NLA titles. Jan Lyon presents the organization with a huge, spectacular, studded leather banner created by Lee Willis of the Studworks.

1990, Nov. 6

Deborah Glick becomes the first out gay or lesbian elected to the New York State Assembly. [TOL]

1990, Dec. 5

Death of Robert Chesley, Author of the play ‘’Jerker’’, and many other works.

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