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Books Published

  • Beauty's Release the third in the Beauty trilogy by A. N. Roquelaure (Anne Rice).
  • Exit to Eden by Anne Rampling, which turns out to be another pseudonym for Anne Rice
  • Slaves of the Empire by Aaron Travis in book form after being serialized in Drummer.
  • Physical Interrogation Techniques by Richard W. Krousher. A how-to manual for interrogation & torture.
  • Torture by Edward Peters.
  • Torture in Brazil a secret study by the Archdiocese of Sao Paulo, English edition in 1986.

Clubs and groups formed

Formation of Hartford Colts; Krew de Cuir, SF; Men in Boots, Vancouver BC; MSC Iceland; PEP, Phoenix; River City Outlaws, San Antonio; Seattle Dungeon Guild; Texas Renegades, Houston; and Total Devotion and Alliance Club of Atlanta.
People Exchanging Power (PEP) an SM club open to all genders and orientations is founded in Phoenix by Nancy Ava Miller, who goes on to found several similar organizations across the country.
The Tom of Finland foundation, a not for profit corporation formed to preserve the art of Tom of Finland, and to promote erotic art and artists, is founded in Los Angeles.
The Defenders of Mithra begin sponsorship of the Oregon State Leather Woman title.
Norman Breslow and colleagues become the first researchers to report the existence of non-prostitute female sadomasochists. Their results, which contradict one of the most cherished beliefs among Freudians, behaviorists, and sociologists are not accepted by the research community until the late 1990's [wd]
The Fraser Report, Report of Special Commission on Pornography and Prostitution is issued in Canada. It sets three tiers of "obscenity". Sexually violent or "degrading" activities are deemed worse than everything except child pornography.
Leon Golub retrospective at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago. Golub's subject matter is larger than life size canvases of instances of torture, often based on actual cases.
Artist Daniel Kelly retrospective at Corsh Gallery in Chicago. Kelly's art blends religious, sexual and sm themes.
Peter Thomas begins his lengthy service as Coordinator of the Mid America Conference of Clubs. [RR]
1985, Jan.
The first Mr. Mid-Atlantic Leather contest held in Washington DC. Sponsored by Centaur MC.
1985, May 12
A pink granite memorial to the homosexual victims of Nazi concentration camps is unveiled in Germany.
1985, May
Patrick Toner of San Francisco becomes the 7th International Mr. Leather at the contest at the Park West in Chicago.
1985, June
Steve Reiswig of Seattle becomes the 6th Mr. Drummer at the contest in San Francisco.
1985, June 29
The French National Assembly passes a bill prohibiting discrimination against gay men and lesbians.
1985, July
Ringold Alley, a favorite nighttime cruising ground for leathermen, is the site of the first Ringold Alley Fair, a charity fundraiser sponsored by Up Your Alley Productions, a group in which IML 85 Patrick Toner plays a very prominent role.
1985, Sept. 6 - 9
Chicago Hellfire Club holds Inferno 14 in Douglas MI. Harold Cox of Wilkes Barre, PA, receives the Caligula Award.
1985, Nov.
The Mineshaft is closed by New York City officials for "health" reasons.
1985, Nov. 11
GMSMA holds its first Leatherfest in New York City.
1985, Nov. 13
Nargret Roff, an out lesbian, is elected Mayor of Manchester England. The first out gay or lesbian to be elected to mayoral office in Great Britain.

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