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Books Published

  • Urban Aboriginals by Geoff Mains
  • Leather Blues -The Adventures of Denny Sargent by Jack Fritscher
  • Corporal in Charge of Taking Care of Captain O'Malley a collection of short stories, by Jack Fritscher.
  • Beauty's Punishment by A. N. Roquelaure (Anne Rice), the second of the Beauty trilogy.
  • The Mineshaft a novel by Tim Barrus.
  • The Raging Peace by Artemis Oakgrove, the first in the Throne Trilogy of lesbian leatherish erotica.
  • The Brig by Mason Powel, a novel which had been previously serialized in Drummer.

Clubs and groups formed

Formation of Arizona Gay Rodeo Association; California Eagles, SF; Copperstate Leathermen, Phoenix; Defenders of Mithra, Portland, OR; Disciples of DeSade, Dallas; GLSM Hamburg; Golden State Gay Rodeo Association; Grand Rapids Rivermen; The great Midwestern Society for the Promotion and Proliferation of S&M; On Motor Club, Paris; The Outcasts, SF; Pittsburgh MC; Severn Link MSC, Bristol, UK; SigMa, DC; Tridents MC, Boston; Two Wheelers, Omaha; and Wasatch Leathermen MC, Salt Lake City.
The American medical philosopher Frederick Suppe shows that all diagnosis included in the diagnostic groups of "paraphilias" (perversions) can be substituted by other, non-sexual diagnosis. He concludes that the current classification of sexual disorders by the American Psychiatric Association in DMS-III is "merely the codification of social mores". [wd]
An exhibit titled "Eldorado -- Homosexual Women and Men in Berlin 1850 - 1950, History, Eveyday Life, and Culture" opens at the Schwules Museum in Berlin. This is the first known museum exhibition centering on homosexuality.
Lady Thorn sponsors her first Bizarre Flea Market in San Francisco.
San Francisco closes bath houses and sex clubs in an effort to limit the spread of AIDS. [R]
1984, Jan.
Staff writers at the Wall Street Journal were first allowed to use the word "gay" instead of "homosexual" [TOL]
1984, Apr. 21
"Farewell Catacombs, Fuck You World!" party held at the Catacombs as its final event. [R]
1984, May
Ron Moore of Denver becomes the 6th International Mr. Leather at the contest at Park West in Chicago. He is the first black man to hold an international leather title. Died: Feb. 25, 1997.
1984, June
Sonny Cline of San Francisco becomes the 1984 Mr. Drummer at the contest in San Francisco.
1984, June
GMSMA organizes its first Leather Pride Night in New York City.
1984, June 25
Michael Foucault dies at the age of 57 of AIDS in Paris, France. [wd]
1984, Sept. 7 - 10
Chicago Hellfire Club holds Inferno 13 in Douglas MI. David Lewis of Dallas receives the Caligula Award.
1984, Sept.
The first Folsom Street Fair is held in San Francisco.
1984, Oct 5-8
American Uniform Association 7th Annual Review is held in Denver.

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