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Books Published

  • The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty, an explicitly sexual and SM filled novel, is published by a major publisher, who admits that the author's name, A. N. Roquelaure, is a pseudonym for a very well known female author, much later revealed to be Ann Rice. This is the first volume of what will become the Sleeping Beauty trilogy.
  • Sadomasochism. Studies in Dominance and Submission by the American sociologists Thomas A. Wienberg and G. W. Levi Kamel. The book summarizes the historical research on SM and promotes the empirical sociological viewpoint. [wd]
  • The Correct Sadist by Terence Sellers.

Clubs and groups formed

Formation of Avatar, LA; Cowtown Leathermen, Ft. Worth; Dreizehn, Boston; Gryphons MC, Dayton, OH; Leather and Lace, LA; Lords of Leather, New Orleans; Manchester Super Chain, UK; and Tower City Corps, Cleveland.
Samois, the nation's first women's SM organization, disbands in San Francisco.
1983, May
Colt Thomas of Houston TX is named the fourth International Mr. Leather at the contest at Park West in Chicago.
1983, June
John Garger is chosen 1983 Mr. Drummer at a contest held at the Russian River in northern California. First runner up David Earl Lee, later assumes the title.
1983, July 14
Massachusetts congressman Gerry Studds comes out as a gay man in a speech to the House, following charges linking him with a male page.
1983, Aug. 17
An ad-hoc committee of GMSMA issues a report"Proposed New Statement of Identity and Purpose" using the phrase "safe, sane, consensual" [GK]
1983, Sept. 9 - 12
Chicago Hellfire Club holds Inferno 12 in Douglas MI. Ron Bentley of Midland, Texas, receives the Caligula Award.
1983, Sept.
Publication in London of the first issue of SMART, A journal of SM how-to modeled after DungeonMaster. It lasts for three issues.
1983, Oct.
GMSMA switches its meeting site to the new New York City Lesbian & Gay Community Services Center.

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