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Books Published

  • The Rose Exterminator by William Carney, an essentially unsuccessful sequel to The Real Thing.
  • The Fledermaus Anthology by Larry Townsend , a collection of explicitly gay male SM short stories by Tony DeBlase writing as Fledermaus.
  • The Mack Anthology by Larry Townsend, featuring the fiction and superb erotic art of Mack.
  • The Enema as an Erotic Art and it's History by David Barton-Jay. A coffee table book on enemas!
  • A History of Erotic Literature by Patrick J. Kearney.
  • Against Sadomasochism: A Radical Feminist Analysis by R. E. Linden is published in San Francisco.

Clubs and groups formed

Formation of Conductors LLC, Nashville; Corpus Christi MC; County Men, Detroit; dreizehn, in Boston; Gaucho MC, Tampa; Harbor Masters, Portland, ME; Leathermasters Inc., LA; Rainbow MC in San Francisco; Somandros, LA; Trident International Detroit; and Tower City Corps, Cleveland, and Vancouver Activists in SM, VASM, in Vancouver, BC.
Rainbow MC founded in San Francisco. Rainbow differs from most other contemporary gay motorcycle clubs in two ways: most of its members were involved in the visual and/or performing arts and it's events were usually art "happenings" But it's members also harkened back to the outlaw biker gangs in appearance, forbidding fancy uniforms or washing of overlays, which were frequently decorated with bodily secretions. [R]

The Danish SM-activist Maria Marcus= book on SM is translated into German as Die furchtbare Wahrheit. Frauen und Masochismus. [wd]


Release of the film Connan the Barbarian which opens with a shot of a nearly naked Arnold Schwarzenegger, as Connan, nailed, crucifix style, to a huge and gnarled tree. He tears himself free from the nails. The movie is filled with other SM images.

1982, Feb. 13

The Catacombs #3 opens on Shotwell St in San Francisco. [R]

1982, Feb. 25

Wisconsin becomes the first state in the union to have comprehensive gay rights legislation.

1982, May

Luke Daniel, Mr. Drummer, is selected as the 4th International Mr. Leather at the contestat Park West in Chicago.

1982, June

Luke Daniel of Los Angeles is named as the third Mr. Drummer.

1982, Aug.

Dr. Tom Waddel brings together thousands of gay men and women for the first Gay Games. Originally called the Gay Olympics the US Olympic Committee brings suit to protect their name. Hundreds of events around the world are called "Olympics" but only the Gay Olympics has been singled out for such prohibitions.

1982, Sept. 10-13

Chicago Hellfire Club returns to September dates and holds Inferno 11 on two sites in Douglas and Saugatuck, MI. Ken Hocking of Sydney Australia receives the Caligula Award.

1982, Oct.

Vancouver Activists in SM, a male SM group, is formed in Vancouver, British Colombia.

1982, Oct 23

First meeting of Janus:LA - later to become Threshold in 1989.

1982, Oct. 25

Northern Ireland repeals its laws against sodomy. [TOL]

1982, late

Mixed Gender SM play parties resume at the Shotwell Catacombs in San Francisco. [R]

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