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Books Published

  • Confessions of O, Conversations with Pauline Reage by Regine Deforges published in France - US edition in 1979.
  • The Boy Keeper by Carl Strater.
  • Volume 1 of the autobiography My Life as a Masochist by RFM (Roger Mays). Volume 2 follows in 1977.
  • Tailpipe Trucker by Clay Caldwell.
  • A Collection of SM edited, and partially written, by RFM This is the first, aside from his autobiography, in a series of magazine sized anthologies of gay male SM erotica to be published by RFM.
  • A Book of Terms, Symbols, Abbreviations by R.F.M. A Glossary to help in reading the SM personal ads.
  • Discipline & Punishment, The Birth of the Prison by Michael Foucault published in France. English edition in 1979.
  • Robert Payne publishes a book of still photos from the SM film, Night of Submission.
  • Robert Payne publishes Care and Training of the Male Slave, the first of a series of this title.
  • The Story of O is made into a Movie.
  • The Advocate, the only nationally circulated Gay newspaper, is purchased by David Goodstein and moved from Los Angeles to San Mateo, California.
  • A new edition of Terry Andrews' novel The Story of Harold is published. This one includes illustrations by Edward Gory.

Clubs and grouips formed

Formation of ASMC, American Social Mens Club, Boston; Association Sportive Motorcycliste de France; Battalion Motorcycle Corps, Dallas; The Blackhawk MC, Richmond VA; Black Sabbath San Franciscans MC; Blue Max Cycle Club, St. Louis; Brothers MC, Jacksonville; Centurion MC, SF; Chicago Cossacks Brotherhood; Colts MC, Ft. Lauderdale, Conquistadors MC, Orlando; Elagabulus MC, Norwood, South Australia; Excelsior MC, NYC; Five Star MC, New Zealand; Hawaii Club, LA; Heart of Texas MC, Austin; Iron Guard BC, NYC; Kansas City Pioneers; Knights of Malta, 49ers Chapter, SF; Knights of Malta Stockmen's Chapter, Denver; Militia MC, Norfolk, VA; Mini Bikers MC, New Orleans; MSC North West, New Brighton, UK; Munchner Leder Club; Nova NYC' Ottawa Knights; Rodeo Riders, Chicago; Rurals MC, Roermund, Netherlands; Sierra Mountaineers, South Lake Tahoe; Sierra Pacific Rangers; Signs of Zodiac, Detroit; SLM Stockholm (originally SLM Sweden); Sternwheelers, Louisville, KY; Space City MC, Houston; Sunrays MC, Miami; Sunrays MC, Miami; Tejas MC, Houston; Trade-Winds of Chicago; Voyagers, New Bedford, MA; Vulcan Rubber Club, Boston Chapter; and Yorktown Levi Denim Club, Toronto. Inter Club Fund incorporated in San Francisco and Southern Conference of Motorcycle Clubs formed.

Bar openings include

The Cell Block, Philadelphia; The Chamber, Kansas City; Hombre, SF; and Knolle, Berlin. The Exchange, a leather shop in the Columbus OH Eagle, opens as does the Emporium in San Francisco.
The Catacombs, a private club for SM and, primarily, fisting opens in San Francisco. [R]
Gauntlet, a business devoted to body piercing, is started by Jim Ward and Doug Malloy. [R]
Pier Paolo Pasolini, poet, film maker, and political activist, is murdered in Italy by a hustler. (Born March 5, 1922)
French philosopher Michel Foucault spends much of the year teaching at Berkeley, and being thrilled by the liberated gay sexuality he found in San Francisco, especially in the bathhouses. He becomes particularly fascinated by "limit-experiences" such as SM. He continued to visit San Francisco through 1983.
Larry Townsend founds, and becomes president of the Hollywood Hills Democratic Club, the first openly gay political club in Los Angeles, and possibly anywhere.
1975, Apr. 15
Gay Students Union of UCLA presents a panel discussion on SM as a part of Gay Awareness Week II, Fred Halsted, Joey Yale and 2 others are invited to present.
1975, June
John Embry, Alternate Publishing, begins publication of Drummer magazine.
1975, June 4
Fred Halsted's film Sextool opens at the Lincoln Art Theater in New York City at the O'Farrel Theater in San Francisco. It will also be screened at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and at the San Francisco Art Institute and Joey Yale, it's star, will be featured on the cover of People magazine.
1975, July 4
The Federal Civil Service Commission bans the arbitrary dismissal of, or refusal to hire, known homosexuals.
1975, July
The first Prairie Fire run jointly sponsored by 2nd City MC, Chicago Knights MC and The Pride Chicago.[JR]
1975, Aug.
Robert Payne announces the film, and accompanying photo still book, The Pledge in Drummer #2.
1975, Aug.
Robert Opel's "Requiem for a toolbox" in Drummer #2 is the artist's ode to the famed San Francisco leather bar.
1975, Aug.
Scott Masters' story "Five in the Trainer's Room" begins serialization in Drummer #2. It runs for nine issues.
1975, Aug.
Robert Payne announces publication of a collection of still photos from the film Sextool.
1975, Sept. 8
Leonard Matlovich appears on the cover of Time Magazine with the bold print, "I Am a Homosexual". Len's story broke on the front page of the New York Times and nationwide by wire service on Memorial Day Monday of the same year.
1975, Sept. 19
Leonard Matlovich is discharged from the army for homosexuality. They gave him a medal for killing a man and kicked him out for loving one!
1975, Oct.
Drummer #3 includes the publication's first masthead listing Robert Payne as Publisher, Jeannie Barney as Editor in Chief, and V. C. Kuemmel as Art Director. And it includes the Magazine's first centerfold, a collage of Target photos from "The Pit" series shot in the so-named lower floor of Chicago's leather bar, the Gold Coast.
1975, Oct. 1
The Story of Q by Robert Payne is first published.
1975, Oct. 31
Val Martin is selected "Mr. Leather" in Los Angeles at the Hawk's annual Leather Sabat.
1975, Oct. 31
The Cycle Sluts are born in Los Angeles at a "Gay Girls Riding Club" Halloween Costume ball, a significant step in leather gender bending.

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