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1600, March 18

Fourteen year old Catalan de Erauso escapes from a Basque convent then goes on to serve in the Spanish army dressed as a man. In 1620 the Pope gives permission for her to continue to dress in men?s clothing.

1602, July 6

Birth of Jerome Duquesnoy in Brussels Belgium, The eminent sculptor was working on projects at the cathedral of St. Bavon in Ghent when he was arrested for sodomy with two acolytes of the church who had served as his models. He was strangled and then burned at the stake. [Greif 82]


The Virginia Colony passes the New World's first sodomy law, decreeing the penalty of death for offenders. [AA]

1611, July 27

Birth of Murad IV, Sultan of Turkey. His name was synonymous with cruelty, torture and unspeakable horror. His reign was bloody, and the armless, legless, tongueless victims of his tyranny numerous. [Greif 82]


Virginia: The first slaves are brought to North America. Quaker John Woolman later notes that despite their not being allowed legal marriage, ANegroes marry after their own way."


Richard Cornish of the Virginia Colony is tried and hanged for sodomy. He is the first person in America known to be convicted of this offense. [AA]

1624 - 1653

The rule of Nzinga as King of Angola, this female to male cross dresser fought and won many battles against the Portuguese army.

1625, Feb. 7

In Virginia, Thomas Hatch is sentenced to a whipping, the loss of one ear, and seven years of servitude, for daring to speak against the execution of a man for the crime of buggery.


Mervyn Touchet, the Earl of Castlehaven, is put on trial for sodomy. He is found guilty and beheaded. [AA]


Rembrandt sells rude etchings, thought to be of his wife pissing.


Massachusetts orders every town to "dispose of all single persons." In Connecticut, bachelors are taxed 20 shillings a week.


The German doctor Johann Heinrich Meibom describes the sexual excitement of some men when whipped in De usu flagrorum. He reasons that this is because the sperm fluid in the kidneys is heated by whipping and then descends to the testicles. Variations on this theory will dominate the thinking on SM until the 19th century. [wd]


The Massachusetts Bay Colony incorporates the language of Leviticus 20:13 into its laws. Other New England colonies soon follow suit. [AA]


Sarah White Norman and Mary Vincent Hammon are charged with "lewd behavior each with other upon a bed" in Plymouth MA. Charges against Hammon are dropped, but Norman is convicted and has to make a public confession. She is the first woman in America known to be convicted of lesbian activity. [AA]

1644, April 10

Birth of John Wilmot, later Earl of Rochester, British writer. His poetry extols the joys of every possible type of human coupling.


Execution of Jerome Duquesnoy (born 1602), court sculptor of Flanders. he is found guilty of sodomy with two church acolytes who had served as his models, strangled and burned at the stake. His brother, Francois, also a sculptor, created Brussels? famous Pissing Boy fountain.


The colony of New Haven expands its definition of sodomy - a capital offense - to include sexual relations between women. [AA]


In France, by Royal decree, secret marriages and abductions are summarily abolished.


In New England, the first Colonial divorce. Massachusetts averages one a year until 1760.

1661 - 1750

All the Southern colonies, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania pass laws prohibiting interracial sex and marriage.


The reign of Emperor Kang Xi, who first took steps to prohibit consensual homosexuality in China.


Using the newly invented microscope, Dutch researchers Leeuwenhoek and Ham observe human sperm for the first time.[wd]


The young Count de Vermandois, the son of Louis XIV of France by Louise de La Valliere, applies for admission to a secret fraternity of homosexuals active, but underground, in the French Court. Because the young count is so indiscreet in his activities, his father discovers his orientation, and the existence of the fraternity. Louis has his son whipped in his presence and then exiles him.


First mention of the Cerne Abbas Giant, a huge chalk drawing on the side of a hill near Dorchester, England. The naked giant with club and erect phallus is supposedly prehistoric. But why was it not noticed until now? Some suspect a 17th Century hoax designed to annoy the Puritans.

1694, Nov 21
Birth of Francois Marie Arouet, better known as the French philosopher/writer Voltaire. He once ended a letter to a male friend, "I kiss your rod." Should we consider Candide a masochist?

Kristian Franz Paullini confirms Meibom's theory in Flagellum salutis, but claims that blood is warmed by whipping, which then excites the sperm in the testicles. [wd]

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