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Tight Ropes magazine was published by House of Milan

TIGHT ROPES. 1/11 (1988) With "Partytime Girl" by F. E. Campbell. Sponge, strap and ball gags.

TIGHT ROPES. 2/01 (1988) Nipple clamps, gags & full-on face masks.

TIGHT ROPES. 2/02 (1989) Nipple clamps, varietal gags, chains and thumb cuffs.

TIGHT ROPES. 2/04 (1990) Chris La Tour, Elsie, Ashley Cole, Anna, Diamond Lane, Sharon Mitchell, Annie Warhol, Intyce Bordeaux & Namora.

TIGHT ROPES. 2/05 (1991) Likili, Marilyn Rose, Holly Ryder, Wendy Hiller, Dallas, Rebecca and Candy. With "Bound Voyage" by Ernest Greene.

TIGHT ROPES. 2/06 (1991) Holly White, Stephanie Rage, Geneva, Kaylie, Rebecca, Marilyn Rose and Lisa Wilson. With "The Training of Oona" by Justin Case.

TIGHT ROPES. 2/07 (1992) Geneva, Annie Warhol, Ashley Renee, Holly White, Darian Haze, Kelly Blue, Saber & "Samantha Leaves Her Mark" by Ernest Greene.

TIGHT ROPES. 2/09 (1993) Tabatha, Desi DeAngelo, Lissa Marie, Sandra Lynn Wopnick & "Breaking Her In" by Julian Bracque.

TIGHT ROPES. 2/10 (1993) Vickie Powers, Joelle Cooper, Kare, Crimson, Pamela Dee, Fawna, Flame & "Adventures In Babysitting" by Josh Edwards.

TIGHT ROPES. 2/11 (1994) Teri Diver, Rikki Parker, Ashley Renee, Greta Karlson, Sasha Savage and "A Vacation With Master" by A. E.

TIGHT ROPES. 2/12 (1994) Terri Lloyd, Darlene Heart, Ashley Renee, Sasha Savage & "Danielle on Goth" by Josh Edwards.

TIGHT ROPES. 3/01 (1994) Jessica Jazz, Kristen, Kelly Long, Shelby and "Capture the Slave" by Josh Edwards. Cover misprint labels this as 3/10.

TIGHT ROPES. 3/02 (1995) Desi DeAngelo, Destiny DeMoore, Joanne Gee, Destiny & "The Expensive Slave Deal" by Bob Evans.

TIGHT ROPES. 3/03 (1995) Phoenix Morrison, Likili, Gina Rohe, Brooke Taylor & "Claudio" by Corey Halloran.

TIGHT ROPES. 3/04 (1996) GiGi, Jessica (Geneva), Eden, Valentine, Samantha, Rhonda Cross & "Still Life With Tom Cat" by Josh Edwards.

TIGHT ROPES. 3/05 (1996) Barbie Bond, Desi DeAngelo, Gina Rome, Sharon Kane, Ariele Cole & "Double Bind" by Josh Edwards.

TIGHT ROPES. 3/06 (1996) Jacklyn Lick, Gina Rome, Valentine, Patricia Kennedy & "Bungee Humping" by Josh Edwards.

TIGHT ROPES. 3/07 (1997) Greta Karlson, Alex Storm, Liberty, Desire & "Advanced Gamesmanship" by Lawrence Selden.

TIGHT ROPES. 3/09 (1998) Chelsea Blue, Alex Storm, Jessica (Geneva), Gina Rome & "Over a Barrel" by Red Marks.

TIGHT ROPES. 3/10 (1998) With Chennin Blanc, Toni Town, Chelsea Blue, Saber and "Something Special" by Simone Devon.


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