The Purple Party

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"The Purple Party"

Editors's Note
I would like to see this story become a "multi-user role-playing, interactive story" if you have ideas, or would like to add to the story line, please drop me a line ---

Chapter One

The invitation I held in my hand was a simple piece of matt black card in the centre of which in silver script lettering was the word’ Come’. In the lower right hand corner was a date, time and location but nothing more.

I was actually shaking as I read it; this was the culmination of many weeks of nervous enquiry and coaxing of my wife to get her to agree to attend an ‘adult oriented party’. Having played around behind closed doors with various sexy games, role-playing, dressing up and such like I had recently felt driven to take our fun outside the confines of our home or immediate environs.

Claire had been understandably shocked and a little upset that I should want to explore what she saw as being beyond the boundaries of our marriage, but I explained to her that anything we subsequently became involved in would be alongside each other and not at the detriment to one another.

Having already built up a clandestine set of online friends that included contacts with varying interests and circumstances I had been able to seek detailed advice on how to gently ease her round to a state of agreement, almost compliance. The details of just how this was achieved could fill an entire separate account so, for now, these shall remain undisclosed.

The invitation had come from a very experienced gentleman whose interests lay in the world of submission, domination and fetishism. Over several months he and I had explored my thoughts, fantasies and by proxy those of my wife. By two weeks ago he had built up such an accurate picture of just where he thought our desires and passions lay that he issued a simple challenge to me: attend a party organised by him, without question and without any form of investigation or enquiry. All conditions of entry were to be obeyed but if Claire or I were at any time not comfortable we were free to leave immediately and he would never contact us again.

Claire had no idea that the invitation and events leading up to it had been cunningly engineered, she thought it was just me expressing a fantasy, one which I hoped would not backfire. Master knew so much about me/us that he had an enormous spectrum of concepts to play with; this party really could be a case of walking into just about anything.

Knowing the date was free the next step was to establish just what attire would be appropriate – but again that had already been decided by Master. With a fetish theme and an instruction to show off my darling wife in her best light I had already shopped for the outfit she was to wear. My clothing was to follow a strict guideline of smart yet sociable, which I interpreted as a simple lounge suit in a dark fabric, and this had been approved. Claire was to be squeezed into highly polished purple latex, with matching or complimentary footwear and accessories. She had tried on the dress and expressed some concern over the amount of flesh that remained on display; it barely covered the cheeks of her backside and being strapless it plunged low on her small chest. Stretched tightly across her firm bum cheeks it allowed no scope for any form of underwear, a fact that I was keen to point out to her. Two full length zips, one front and the other to the rear, provided entry/exit from both sides and allowed adjustment of the titillation afforded by the stockings she was to wear.

The party was still a fortnight away but already I was counting down the hours until the moment of truth, that moment when we were to cross the line and pass the point of no return.

Chapter Two

The days leading up to the party passed agonisingly slowly, and Claire barely mentioned it, so little in fact that I thought she had perhaps decided against going at all. I did prompt her a few times and she, thankfully, expressed her own excitement about the event. With my hopes renewed it was simply a matter of waiting.

On the evening of the party, we both took a considerable time bathing and preparing. I had to help Claire into her dress to which I applied several liberal applications of silicon polish, leaving her actually reflecting the light in her skin tight purple latex. Seamed black fishnets slid effortlessly up her thighs. She had chosen matching purple thigh high boots, also glistening, and with killer 5” heels that caused her to take tiny steps and teeter precariously. She attempted to protest but I reassured her how provocative she looked, moved and sounded - particularly on hard stone floors.

She topped off her outfit with a purple studded latex choker, matching latex gloves and long earrings that actually touched the bare skin of her shoulders. Her make up was unusually heavy, she smelled exquisite and I was already feeling stirrings in my suit trousers.

I felt terribly under dressed, but having obeyed the instructions given we left the house and I drove us to the large stately type house that was to be the venue for the party. On arrival we swept up a wide gravel driveway to pull up at the grand façade of a large house. As I helped Claire from the car I could hear music and a low murmur of noise from within, but could see nothing as all of the windows were tightly shuttered.

A push of the brass bell and the door was opened by a man of about 55, smartly dressed, and with a soft yet commanding voice. I step inside and handed him the invitation card, Claire doing her best to shyly enter behind me, feeling suddenly rather self conscious.

As the door closed behind us I could hear laughter, music, and various other unknown sounds all coming from further into the house. Without any form of introduction our host led us into a large drawing room off to one side of the hallway where we were met by two fearsome looking black men. A moment of realisation hit me when I saw them – this was really happening and now was too late to turn back. Each man was over 6’6” tall, in heavy black leather jeans, biker type boots and a leather strap upper body harness. They wore studded wrist cuffs and leather gloves. They cut an imposing sight and immediately advanced on Claire who was completely dumbstruck.

Without a word to me they stepped up to her and one of them produced a thick leather leash that he fastened to Claire’s latex collar, then in company they tugged her towards a door at the rear of the room. She turned to look at me and I made to follow. I was informed, in no uncertain terms, that I was to remain in the room and wait. Trembling with surprise, fear, anxiety and apprehension I watched my wife led from the room by the two black gods, the sound of her heels on the polished wooden floor slowly fading as she disappeared into the depths of the house and the door was locked behind them.

Chapter Three

I could hear my own heart beating as I strained my ears to listen for any hint of what was happening to either my wife or anyone the other side of that heavy locked oak door. I tried to hold my breath but I was shaking and kept gasping for air. I was sweating and my palms were clammy. A loud noise frightened me half to death and I turned around to see our original host back inside the room.

“Remove your clothes, all of them, now”, was all he said.

I have no inkling of why I did not resist or protest but before I knew it I was stark naked in front of this stranger, my cock embarrassingly betraying my excitement with its hardness. He looked down at it,

“My word your wife is in for a treat tonight if she has been used to that all these years,” he commented cruelly.

“Now put all of this on.”

‘All of this’ was a ball gag that was buckled firmly in place, causing me to start drooling instantly, a pair of wrist cuffs and a wide black leather collar that lifted my head up and made it hard to look around or down.

“Almost done,” he said with a wry smile before pulling my hands together and fastening the cuffs. Then a he took a small bell and clipped it to my collar.

“This means that everyone can hear you coming, helps them decide whether you should see what they are getting up to. The problem is that some things that go on here might send you over the edge, particularly when they involve your own wife”.

He smiled and looked me straight in the eye “maybe it is actually her that doesn’t want you to see .”

A laugh followed this comment before he ushered me to the door, opened it and told me just to go right ahead.

“Go, explore, you can open the doors with your hands like that, but nothing more, no talking, no interfering, and no trying to sneak up on people. Any misbehaving and you will spend the rest of the night back here. Think you can find your wife? The record for the longest search is currently 7 hours and 14 minutes. Think of what could happen to her in that time, I do hope she is a trustworthy young lady! Mind you they invariably turn out to be far from that!”

He gently pushed me through the open door, my bell tinkling as I moved and my erect cock swaying. The door closed behind me and I was left humiliated and vulnerable in a dimly lit corridor, breathing heavily through my nostrils, my jaw already aching from the hard rubber ball clamped in my mouth My search was about to start.

Chapter Four

My eyes slowly adjusted to the low light level and I shuffled forward, slowly at first but then more confidently. Despite my ridiculous attire and my inherent vulnerability I felt a strange sense of comfort; my situation had obviously been replicated many times before so I had no reason to feel afraid. My real concern should lie in whatever was happening to Claire and her own willingness to partake.

The corridor was some considerable length and large sturdy doors led off of it at regular intervals. I approached the first door and waited by it for my bell to stop its tinkling. The handle was at a convenient hand height and I was able to grasp and gently turn it enough to open the door.

I nudged the door open just far enough to be able to take in the room and its inherent activity. A woman of middle age, perhaps 45, was standing mid-room with her hands on her hips. She was clothed in a business style suit, pinstriped and with a tight pencil skirt and close fitted jacket. Her dark hair was pulled back in a severe style and her makeup struck me as overly harsh.

My gaze followed her legs downwards from her skirt, down the stockinged legs to a pair of patent court shoes set atop spiked metal heels. My view was partly obscured by a kneeling figure at her feet. He was black, naked, glistening with sweat and at a guess no more than 20 years old. He appeared to be lapping at the stern woman’s shoes and his right hand was hidden underneath his kneeling body.

The act of pushing the door open caused my body to move a little and, as a consequential action, my tell-tale bell gave a little ring. As it sounded the woman looked up from the kneeling boy to meet my gaze.

“Welcome”, was all she said at first, a sly smile edging from her deep scarlet lips.

“What a delightful outfit, so befitting someone such as you” she mocked. I was only able to nod and grunt behind the firm ball of my gag, my cock still humiliatingly erect.

“I can assume that you are not looking for my assistant here” she said, the toe of her right shoe being used to prod at the young boy obediently remaining at her feet.

“He is busy anyway, and will be for some considerable time to come. By the look of you I reckon you are missing a wife, one with a craving for things you are unable to provide I should imagine”. Her gaze dropped to my erection and she gave a little laugh.

“Now run along little man, and leave me to my own pleasures”. With that she returned her attention to her young black plaything, and I felt obliged to retreat gingerly from the room, the door finally closing as I caught a last glimpse of her legs parting above his head as she stepped astride his now fully prostrate body.

With that I turned back into the dark corridor; that was just one room, how many more could there be, and how many would I need to investigate before I found my darling Claire?


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