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This article is titled

Legends of Dominance
by Mistress Michelle Peters et al.
and posted with permission

(All information herein is provided by author)

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Mistress Kelly

Interview Unavailable

Mistress Kristen


One cold winter night in 1979, I went to a party little mike had, in Detroit. I have told you the story of how I met little mike and Darlene, little mike is now Lord Michael of Detroit. At that time little mike and Sir Michael of Hell Fire fame , were hanging out together and both of them would go to New York, New Jersey to work with Esoteric Press and do videos for them. That is when little mike met Mistress Ann Pierce.

The night of the party I met Mistress Kristen and slave ron,,, you have seen her videos and photos grace a many of the magazines in Corporal Magazine and others. As we were talking and introducing ourselves,,,,,, Sir Michael, Mistress Pleasure and Mistress Ann Pierce walked into the room! We all introduced ourselves and all have become good friends over the years. Later we all partied till the morning sun came up. Lord Michael and Darlene are now divorced, he is now remarried to Mistress Terry of Detroit, Sir Michael is living in Detroit, Mistress Pleasure is remarried and in the Detroit area, Mistress Kristen and ron are divorced, Mistress Ann Pierce is living in Amsterdam, Holland. And ME????? I'm still kicking ass.

I met Mistress Kristen in 1979 or 1980 at the party and we started doing photos together for 1 yr, maybe longer. Later Mistress Kristen appeared on the front cover of Lashes Magazine right after that - Vol 3 number 4. Mistress Anne Murray appeared on the cover of Lashes magazine Vol 4 number 3. She says that was 1980. I'm not sure????? Could have been.

I do remember Mistress Kristen telling me this and I wanted to be on the front cover! I contacted Countess Anne and visited 2-24-83.

Countess Anne picked me up from the airport ( I flew in from Detroit) and we drove to her house. She wasn't wearing leather or anything like that. I thought that was good , it showed to me she was normal. That Friday night, we were talking about all the Mistress's we knew and talking about adventures. When I noticed a jar with something in it, high above and on top of her china cabinet. latrina (her husband slave) told me that they were a slave`s balls , which Countess Anne had cut off. That night, Countess Anne told me she hated men. Apparently she was in love with this guy and riding on the back of his motorcycle , when they went over a rise, they landed in a deep hole. She cut her face bad and almost lost her eye. Her boyfriend acted like he did`t want anything to do with her after that. I can see why you`d hate someone for that. The next day Sat. Countess Anne , latrina and I did a photo shoot for her magazine and newspaper. I never did end up on the front cover, but was in the photo spread of the magazine and her newspaper several times. We spent most of the day shooting photos. Later that night ,we all when to dinner and that's when latrina attacked me saying I was stupid for believing that the balls in the jar were of a slave. They were of a German Shepard Dog. Also latrina made another comment too , THAT I didn't like at all. I was pissed and I vowed to never talk to latrine ever again. Sunday, latrina wanted to take me out to show me around, and take photos of me in the desert. It was a silent ride coming and going.

latrina sent me a few whips over the years , but I never said one word again to latrina, even to his death. I talked Countess Anne in 1988 and haven`t heard from her since. I understand she re-married and lives in Las Vegas.

And me? I'm still kick'n ASS!

Mistress Lash

Loving Lashes

From The Dominant Ladies of Corporal

Vol. 1, No. 2, 1992

Left, Mistress Ann Pierce , Right Mistress Lash

Someone once made the observation—which I know you foot fetishists out there will definitely agree with that the most erotic adornment ever invented to enhance the allure of the female, is the high heeled shoe.

Personally. 1 think that there's room for debate on that subject, considering some of the other garments of fetishistic power such as stockings,corsets, etc., but there is no question that there is a high charge of erotic power in feminine footwear such as high heeled shoes and boots.

Louis certainly would have agreed with the observation. He crouched naked on the floor, with his ass raised high and his forehead touching the carpet. His head was only a few inches from where my foot rested in there high heeled shoes. He stared hungrily at them, sweat breaking out on his face.

1 took my time unwrapping the package. From is shape, there could be no doubt as to what it was. Unquestionably, it was a shoe box, with shoes inside.

I opened the box, lifted the lid, peeled back the paper within, and saw a pair of perfectly delicious high heels. The shoes were black patent leather, polished to such a high glossy shine that they mirrored my reflection. When I opened the box and took out the shoes, the stimulating animal aroma of leather perfumed the room. The shoes had sharply pointed toes, high arches, and extremely high spiked stiletto heels, which were at least six inches long. And of course the gift shoes were in my size. which Louis, a confirmed foot worshipper, knew well.

I graciously thanked Louis for the gift, and permitted him to rise to the extent of standing on his knees on the floor. His excitement showed in the stiff erection which he had gotten while crouched by my feet. Looking at the shoes, running my fingers across the polished leather surfaces, I informed Louis that these shoes were most definitely not for walking—for that, they were impractical in the extreme, and could hardly be worn on the street—it would be like trying to walk around on a pair of stilts!

No, these shoes were hardly practical as day-to-day footwear. But they were definitely suited for erotic purposes and foot homage.

I planned to put them on, but before I did so, an amusing idea struck me, a delightful variation that I determined to act on.

I questioned Louis, asking him if he had any idea what it was like for a lady such as myself to actually wear and walk around in the high, spiked-heel kinky footwear he so adored on his dominatrix.

Had he himself ever worn such a shoe? I inquired. Blushing at the question, he answered no.

I told him that turnabout was only fair play. He should, and would, experience at first hand what he had up to now only watched and adored from a distance.

As I spoke, I teased him by touching the tip of my foot against his stiff penis. The shoes I wore had high heels and open toes. I brushed the tips of my stockinged toes against his flesh while he gasped and tried to control his excitement.

I had the perfect footwear in mind for this fetishist.

Since many of my little slaves are cross-dressers, I keep a variety of feminine garments on hand, including footwear.

I went to the closet and selected a very special pair of boots. Louis was so excited when he set eyes on them. that he looked as if he might crawl out of his skin.

I laid out the boots. They were thigh high boots of black patent leather with six inch heels, widely exaggerated arches, and laces which ran up the center of the legs. I ordered Louis to put them on—but before he did, there was something which I thought necessary to put on him. He was in a high state of sexual excitement, and the added stimulation of those boots might be too much for him to resist. So that he might not have any messy accidents, I put his genitals in restraints. I fastened a cock ring on him, setting it tightly. He gasped and shivered, but when the restraint was locked on him, there was no fear of him coming without permission—he couldn't.

That precaution taken, I put him in the boots. The boots were in a large size, much larger than my own foot size, since they were for the use of TVs... but, large as they were, they were a size or two smaller than Louis'shoe size. Even if they had been his correct size. he would have felt more than a little discomfort in wearing them... delicious discomfort which he welcomed.

His feet were crammed into the boots, taking on an unnatural angle to fit into the severely arched boot. His toes were jammed into the sharply pointed toes of the boots.

The laces ran criss-cross up the front of the boots, and you may be sure that those boots were laced as tightly as possible.

At last Louis was ready to serve, outfitted in the fetishistic footwear which he so adored seeing on me. I lounged back in my chair, amused by the sight of Louis standing, with great difficulty, in front of me. The boots were like pirate boots, their tops reaching up to the middle of his naked thighs, sheathing his legs in shimmering black leather, so that they formed a kind of upside-down V. At their apex were his cock and balls locked in genital restraint. Only the tips of the toes, and the tiny bottoms of the spiked heels, rested on the floor. The arches were so high that the rest of the soles never touched the floor. Louis stood with difficulty. He teetered and wobbled. Just standing was a chore, but actually walking about in those boots was a real task! I took him by the arm and supported him so that he would not lose his balance, and walked him on a brief circuit of the room.

I remarked that he would need much practice before mastering the art of mobility in ladies' high heeled boots. Unsteady as he was on his feet, he would be better off on his knees-which is where I put him. Now that he was properly outfitted with the appropriate footwear, he was ready to adore my feet. First, he took off the shoes I was wearing, the ones with the open toes.

With my permission, he feverishly kissed each shoe.

His hands trembled as he removed them from my stockinged feet. Sitting down. I lifted my leg and pressed the sole of my foot against his face. He moaned and sighed as he nuzzled first one foot and then the other. My feet were in need of good massage, a task which Louis happily undertook. Lovingly he kneaded the balls of my feet, the arches and insteps, his fingers pressing the stockinged feet until they tingled with sensation.

I allowed him to express his adoration by letting him kiss my feet. He pressed kiss after kiss on them, from toes to heels and back again. After the kisses came the tongue, as I made him lick my feet through the stockings.

His head bobbed as he guided his tongue up and down my feet, over the tops, down the heels, along the underside of the soles. From time to time, he murmured compliments to my dainty, beautiful feet. There was the soft rasping sound of the tongue sliding over the nylons covering my feet, mixed with his quick, excited gasps. I ordered him to come up for air. His face was red, hot, and wet with saliva. I now gave him permission to put on my feet the black patent leather shoes he had brought as a gift.

He slipped the shoe on my right foot. His hands shook so much that he had trouble in fastening the little leather straps which ran across the top of my foot, buckling it into the shoe, but his fear of the wrath of his mistress forced him to complete the task. Presently I wore both new shoes. They were sleek, slinky, arousing, I loved the way they looked and fit, but it seemed to me that they could use a bit more of a shiny gloss.

I set Louis to polishing the shoes with his tongue. He knelt of his booted legs with his ass raised high and his face pressed to my feet. His pink tongue slid over the smooth surfaces of the leather shoes, polishing them up. His tongue was sore and aching by the time he had finished doing both shoes, I stood up for a moment so I could take off my robe and make myself more comfortable.

Louis all but sobbed from erotic stimulation when he saw the garments I wore under the robe: black satin Merry Widow style corset, frilly garters, black silk panties. Louis begged for permission to play with his very hard penis which was now aching from excitement and badly in need of a climax. Until I told him he could touch himself no matter how excited he became he would not. I granted him permission to masturbate and slowly began to count to ten, Louis knew me well enough to know that I would only count to ten once, and that he was required to have his climax right on the count often and of course Louis being a very obedient slave did not disappoint me. He thanked me for the session, and I in turn thanked him for being such a good slave knowing how to please his mistress in every way. Hoping to hear from many more good slaves like Louis. Until next time, I remain, your very Loving Mistress Lash.

Compiled by Mistress Michelle & slave english


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