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Adult Baby Pride Pin


The Ghidrah is the group of Mako Allen, Pene Princess, and Bob Spacey, three Americans who are polyamorous age players into BDSM.

They are involved in several projects, primarly serving the age play community:

  • Littles Munches - munches for age players of all sort in Atlanta, High Point, NC and Washington, DC. Some of the Ghidrah's friends run munches in Boston and Orlando too.
  • Littles Group Documentation Project which provides information about organizations all over the world that are accepting of age play.
  • Auntie Eva's Boarder, a work of fiction available as e-book and paperback.
  • The Littles and Baby Pride Symbol, a symbol for the age play community (public domain).
  • Classes - the Ghidrah is happy to teach on the topics of age play and polyamory.


  • The group is named after Ghidrah, a three-headed monster that was featured in several of Toho Studios' Godzilla films. See King Ghidorah on Wikipedia.



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