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Table of Contents - Alphabetic list of films with BDSM themes or scenes

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A Woman in Flames, (Die Flambierte Frau) ( 1983 ) Starring Gudrun Landgrebe, Mathieu Carrière, Hanns Zischler, Gabriele Lafari
(IMDB# 0083949) <ISBN:B000S6X2WY>   Buy it from

A Year Without Love ( 2005 ) Starring Juan Minujín, Pablo Pérez, Mimí Ardú, Carlos Echevarría -directed by Anahi Berneri
(IMDB# 0418484) <ISBN:B000FFL2W0>   Buy it from

The Abductors ( 1972 ) (Theme: Abduction?)
view "Screenie"
Starring Cheri Caffaro, Richard Smedley, Patrick M. Wright,-directed by Don Schain
(IMDB# 0068164) <ISBN:B00006JMR8>   Buy it from

The Alphabet Killer ( 2007 ) (Theme: Detective) Starring Cary Elwes, Eliza Dushku
Chilling psychological thriller stars Eliza Dushku as a driven detective who has a nervous breakdown while investigating a serial killer case and spends two years in institutionalization, only to return to find the murderer is still at large. When she gets close to the killer, he kidnaps and binds her, drives her to a remote location to kill her. She escapes and has another nervous breakdown. She spends the remainder of the movie in a hospital gown bouund to a bed in cuffs and hospital gown.

Amazons (film) ( 1986 ) (Theme: Fantasy/Adventure)
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Starring Ty Randolph, Penelope Reed, Joseph Whipp
(IMDB# 0090627) <ISBN:B000068MAV>   Buy it from

Asylum of Satan ( 1984 ) (Theme: Horror)
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Starring Charles Kissinger, Nick Jolley, Carla Borelli,
Also known as
"Children of Satan"
(IMDB# 0068231) <ISBN:B00006FMBL>   Buy it from

Attack Force ( 2006 ) (Theme: Action/Adventure) Starring Steven Segal, Lisa Lovbrand
Special Agent David Kennedy {Segal) is sent to investigate a dangerous case of chemical warfare in France. He captures an "infected" female agent who is wearing a see-through blouse, straps her to a medical exam table and interrogates her.


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