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The EMF Trust
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The Beginning

The year is 1961 and we lived in a different world. No cell phones, no millennials and the Russian military posed a real threat. The American military was very large, very strong, and stationed in bases around the world. Young sailors and soldiers on duty, standing watches, waiting for a war they hope will not come. The stress of "being on-watch" is palpable.

When the ship I was stationed on pulled into a foreign port, the majority of the sailors headed to bars and beaches for rest and recreation. Most of the men aboard were experiencing their first time away from home. Without any "parental oversight", they all wanted to test themselves: their minds and their bodies. With fifty cent drinks and $2 girls, there was a whole lot of testing going on. It was this rowdy behavior that created the image of the "drunken, brawling sailor".

Shortly after joining the Navy, I had traveled to New York City and made contact with a company that was willing to pay me to be a bondage photographer. Even as a teenager, I enjoyed bondage and domination, and Master/slave relationships. I, personally, have never been into heavy drinking or seeing how many girls per night I could have sex with. Sure, I would visit nightclubs, bars and burlesque houses. However, my intent was to find young ladies I could photograph while they were in bondage. Once in a while, I would find a lady with whom I could establish a master slave relationship.

Broadway Avenue,
Yokosuka Japan, c. 1960
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In Yokosuka, Japan, I met Eiko. She was working as a hostess in one of the clubs just outside the Navy base. She was not much into spanking but she enjoyed being bound, and she loved to serve her Master. She would introduce me to her friends as "Ryoushu Ryokosha", which translates from Japanese to English as "Lord Traveler". (The first time I saw it written out in English I was amused that it contained my initials.) I called her "Ai", meaning "Love".

At first, we lived in a medium-sized house about two kilometers from the base. It had two bedrooms, an indoor bathroom, living room and a kitchen. I had outfitted one of the bedrooms as a bondage play space and installed bondage tie points throughout the house.

If asked, I would tell my friends about our living relationship. Eiko/Ai would sometimes tell her friends about our relationship. This allowed us to expand the number of people who would visit our home. My off-duty time was spent teaching the girls English, bondage and Master/slave protocols; they would help me learn more Japanese while taking care of me and my sailor and civilian friends.

Ai produced some amazing parties where she and her friends would act out their fantasies of being slaves to me and my friends. The ONLY complaint seemed to be that we did not have enough space. We decided to pool the money that were not spending in bars and rented a larger place about ten miles from the base. It was in a gated, private area with a much larger back yard. This allowed us to increase the number of people who could attend our "parties" and a place for some of us to spend nights off-base at the house.

This gave us the idea of our lifetime: let's put together a string of places in every port our ship would visit during our two-year stay in the Orient. We invited one of our JAG lawyer friends to one of our parties and explained what we wanted to do. His advice was to form a Corporation and sell stocks to people who would participate in our time share "Onna-no Uchi" {lady house) locations. These houses were not brothels but much, much more. We provided housing, not sex. We provided companionship from "slaves" who served drinks and meals, but not "happy endings".

To take care of all the logistics, we formed The EMF Trust: "Every Mans Fantasy Trust".

EMF Today

As years progressed, we added more investors and service people. We added more locations and we grew. We have a special, restricted website ( just for the Members. You can also call our Main Office and they will take handle your reservations.

Today, we have just under fifty locations with eight reserved for Corporate Officers. These eight special clubs are really special. They are more like private Estates where you can get a lot more "services". We have found there are a lot of submissive, masochistic females who wish to live a life of serving Masters. We hire these ladies for our Estates with the understanding that they are collared slaves with little or no rights. Many of them take a position so they can be trained for service, which also allows them to meet a potential Master for life.

The "Corporates" have access to a sub-rosa section of the web-site that allows us to look at the profiles of the staff at the various Estates. The profiles tell what activities she likes or dislikes, and what specialties they may have. It also allows the ladies to review the profiles of the Corporates.

The location in Yokosuka has moved to an upscale area of nearby Tokyo and Eiko/Ai still runs the place. We still get together although not very often. Last Spring, she and two of her ladies visited me at our Estate in Aspen, Colorado, but that is definitely another story!

A trip to Los Angeles


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