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  • This template is only a starting place and not "must tell all" form. Once completed, I'll go over answers with you.
  • I'll be using a lot of these answers to write a dialog-style article, so please be descriptive. (don't give "yes/no" answers) Use as much paper as you wish <g>
  • Any information that you say is private, will stay private

Personal data


Scene/Session name

Early life

When and where were you born?

Childhood & family information/recollections?


Current info


Where do you live?


Sexual orientation?

BDSM orientation?

Vital stats


Dress & shoe size?

Hair & eye color?


Public life

Notable tasks/works/efforts?


Notable awards (including dates)?

Books read/written?


Model & agency info

How were you first introduced to fetish modeling, i.e. heard about it through friends, read about it in a newspaper/magazine article, or saw it on video?

How many fetish websites and videos have you appeared in to date?

What intrigues you most about fetish modeling than other type of modeling, i.e. fashion, headshots, or editorial?

When you’re offered a fetish assignment from a fetish website or video company, what make you consider working with them, i.e. their professionalism, their bondage (rigging) experience, more exposure for you, favorable word of mouth (about them)?

What type of storyline do you prefer with on a bondage assignment, i.e. damsel in distress, love bondage, or other?

What other types of fetish assignments have you also worked on, i.e. spanking, female domination, foot and/or leg shoots, or other?

When you work with a fetish website or video director, i.e. do you both agree to use a code word or safety signal prior to the fetish assignment?

Is there a well-known fetish photographer, video director, or fellow model you hope to one day work with?

What bondage position is your favorite to be place in, for example, the hog-tie, the spread-eagle, the standing strappado, being bound in a chair, or other?

What type of gag is your favorite to be silenced with, i.e. the ball-gag, bit-gag, cloth strips, duct tape, O-ring, penis-gag, or other?

What type of material do you like to be bound in, i.e. leather restraints, cotton/nylon rope, duct tape, cloth strips, or other?

Would you say that bondage/fetish is a part of your personal or professional life?

What do you think of when performing a bondage scene, for example do you get into the scene of being bound and gagged being held captive or wonder if you turned the stove off?

Do you think that its past time that a mainstream film studio released more fetish love theme stories like ‘Secretary’?

What advice would you care to share with novice models planning to enter the fetish modeling field?


When and how did you get involved in photography?

Early influences?

What intrigues you about it?

Fetishes of interest?

Did you / Do you do sessions professionally?

When and where have you worked?




When and how did you get involved in BDSM?

Early influences?

What intrigues you about it?

Dom/switch/sub/Top/bottom, etc?

Fetishes of interest?

Did you / Do you do sessions professionally?

When and where have you worked?

Types of sessions you enjoy most & pricing?


Titles, dates & roles afdb/amg/iafd/imdb?


Involvement and/or memories?

Contact info