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A teenager (or teen) is a person whose age is at least thirteen, and no more than nineteen. The 13-19 range is based on the word construction where 'teen' stands for ten, though this is not done with eleven or twelve which avoid the use, as it also does in German (elf, zwolf). Most teenagers are therefore minors, but in many countries 18 and 19-year-olds are teens who have reached majority.

It is quite common that in seeking for greater independence, teenagers tend to test the limits of the rules to which they are subject, and to rebel against parental or social authority. Partly for this reason, for much of history the spanking of teenagers was common. Teenagers are therefore common spankees in spanking stories and spanking art.

Misuse of the term

Many pornographic websites and magazines use the term teen to create the impresson that their photo or video models are very young. However, for legal reasons, erotica may not use minors, i.e., models younger than 18. Therefore either their models are all 18 to 19, or, as is often the case, they can be well into their 20s or even 30s. It has become a standard practice to dress older models in girlish clothes such as school uniforms and put their hair in braids or pigtails to create the appearance of a teenager.

However, not only do the models have to be over 18, but also the characters they portray. It is illegal to present or even imply that a character in an erotic image or film is underage. Since 1995, adult media products (magazines, websites, videos, etc.) are required to include a proof-of-age statement for their models and provide contact information for their custodian of records.

This misuse of the term "teen" is related to the similar misuse of the term "girl" for an adult woman.

Teen spanking videos

One company in particular, RealSpankings.com (AEG Inc.), has exploited the youth of two of their most popular models, Brandi and Jessica. The 18-19 year-old actresses have been given their own websites: Spanking Teen Brandi (http://www.spankingteenbrandi.com) and Spanking Teen Jessica (http://www.SpankingTeenJessica.com). The sites offer traditional corporal punishment videos and photos of nude and bondage poses. Brandi, an olive-skinned brunette, appears frequently as a uniformed schoolgirl. Jessica, a girlish redhead covered in freckles, specializes in cheerleader roles. AEG recently promoted a "Spanking Teen Bailey" site as well. The name has since been revised to Spanking Bailey (http://www.spankingbailey.com).

Red Ass Teens (http://redassteens.com), located in Vancouver, Canada, takes a unique approach. All of their videos are set in the same reformatory where teenage girls, many wearing school uniforms, are punished and humiliated by male teachers or the headmaster. They currently have 20 girls, each with her own "bad day" video (Veronica's Bad Day, Xena's Bad Day, etc.). All involve OTK spanking, paddling, strapping, and caning or cropping. Many titles include sexual humiliation with the girls forced to perform oral sex. In several videos, such as Honey's Bad Day and Alexa's Bad Day, the girls have to get down in the on-all-fours position while the man urinates on them.

Spanked Teens (http://www.spankedteens.net) and Spanking Teenies (http://www.spankingteenies.com), are owned by Perfecto Productions in Barcelona, Spain. These sites offer a multitude of spanking DVDs, image galleries, and video downloads.

Spank Those Teens (http://www.spankthoseteens.com) provides an extensive directory of teen-oriented videos, gallerys, and stories.


Etymology: From French nubile < Latin nubilis (marriageable) < nubere (to take as husband) < Proto-Indo-European *sneubho- (“‘to marry, to wed’”). Cognate with Greek νύμφη (bride, young wife, nymph). Besides the general dictionary definition: "of marriageable condition or age", the term is commonly used to describe any sexually desirable young woman, particulary those who exude the freshness and vitality of youth.

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