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If you hate women and like to see them abused, called whores, cunts and sluts then Sweet Auditions is the site for you. Steve Sweet is a foul-mouthed rude misogynist who enjoys humiliating women and has developed a suite of sites for those of similar ilk.

Intro promises:

The site promotes itself as brought to you by the same pornographer that brought you Sweet Loads. If you know Sweet Loads that will tell you what to expect. Many porn surfers will know exactly to what the allusion refers. Sweet Loads has been around for years now as a plug-in on many cheapo porn sites that are merely a collection of non-exclusive purchased content. Sweet Loads featured Steve Sweet verbally abusing young female newcomers to the porn world. These low cost grainy videos shot in a drab office under florescent lights is the foundation of the Sweet Entertainment Group Empire. Steve would interview them, abuse them verbally as he fucked them in the ass and then cum on their faces. Most of the women were average to less than average in looks but some were beauties. They all received the same sweet treatment. Sweet Auditions promises us “auditions that will include toys, blowjobs/cumshots, loads of verbal humiliation totally uncensored for your amusement”. The girls on the tour pages seem to be drawn from the same population as Sweet Loads, that is, very average in looks and body type with the infrequent beauty thrown in, in other words, a very representative group of women.


The site is set up like all the other ones in the Sweet group. You can find the victims under “updates” or “models.” The more recent videos feature Jake, of the heart of stone, who like to fuck these girls in ass while calling them fucking pigs. Or better yet make them like this asshole while saying, “Looking at me Mom. I am an asshole licking slut”. In that particular case the girl baulked at saying it and the ingenious crew at Sweet Entertainment clumsily edited something together that resembled her saying it. There are 6 pages of videos, 12 videos to the page.

Signing up

Information from
Sweet Content website
Welcome to Sweet Content

Home to the 'Sweet'est content on the 'Net! Inside our site exists a full range of adult entertainment content - covering everything from Amateur Facials and Anal to Bondage and Watersports.

Sweet Erotica is the place to find many popular video feeds including: Sweet Loads (AVN recognized amateur facial videos), Butt Cam (the original Anal cam), The Dirty Old Man (The old pervert never quits), Miss Pain (Extreme FemDom Videos), Sado Slaves (intense BDSM action), and PeeLover (Pissing with a passion). Sweet Erotica is the place for adult webmasters to purchase the same high quality content featured on Sweet Entertainment Group, Inc's (SEG) many successful paysites.

We are also very proud to announce the latest addition to our product offering: Max Hardcore. Max Hardcore is a name that sells itself, a must have for any hardcore site.

What you get
The choice to use one or all of our Video feeds for the same price.
15 GB of Bandwidth
24 hr access to your bandwidth stats
Use our mega package page and we will include all our image galleries for FREE!
Marketing Promo banners and movies to use on your tours.
Larger bandwidth packages available.

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