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When I sold 'the gadget' to Radio Shack, I decided to move back to the Bay Area. As luck would have it, my parents needed a manager for the Sunnyvale Kennel. Kelly and I moved in and took over the business for my folks.

I began publishing "Party Lines Newsletter" again, and Kelly and I started having bondage parties in our home in Sunnyvale. A friend of mine owned a print shop, and he asked for a financial loan. A few months later, he was involved in an auto accident. When I visited him in the hospital, he was a mess. He said that his wife left him, and he was going to close the shop. I asked him about repaying the loan. He tossed me the keys, and said "It’s yours" I took over the shop, restructured it and sold it a few months later for a great deal more than the loan. Owning a print shop when you are trying to print a newsletter, well what can I say?

Incidents that come to mind and bring smiles.

  • Owning a kennel and exploring "Puppy Play", oh yea….
  • The 'Blue Angels' did one of their air shows at Moffett Field. Our kennel was in the flight plan, just short of the runway. We took chairs up on the roof and watched the show, being able to see the pilots close enough to see them salute!

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