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Suit and tie fetishism or a suit fetish describes a fetishistic attraction towards men wearing business and/ or formalwear (or photos or video of men in such clothing, or the objects of clothing themselves), and also men who get aroused when they themselves are in such clothing. Generally, the fetish and arousal first appears in adolescence, but many men report having arousal from seeing other males in a suit and necktie (or from wearing one themselves) from pre-school age.

Aside from the following scenarios which can be classified within the boundaries of typical sexual fetishism, the fact that men simply look good when dressed in business or formalwear might make a person who doesn’t typically have this fetish temporarily get specifically aroused at the sight of a man "all dressed up." Persons who take notice that a friend or co-worker who usually does not dress up suddenly appears at a function or at work in business or formalwear (the classic “he sure cleans up well” scenario) most likely would not be considered to have this fetish, as the arousal is fleeting and specific to that person at that moment. Typical people with a suit and tie fetish are fixated on the thought of having sexual encounters that involve at least one of the participants dressed in a suit or tuxedo, and will seek out visual and tactical stimuli to aid their sexual fantasy.

Men who are aroused by seeing other men in suits and ties

Most active members of the Suit and Tie Fetish Community are Gay men, though some heterosexual women find the sight of a man dressed formally for business sexually stimulating as well.

There are several primary ways that one might be sexually stimulated by seeing a man in a suit and tie:

The sight of a man dressed for business is a very powerful image that can trigger feelings of inadequacy in the viewer and feed into typical sadist/ masochist scenarios (BDSM) with one sexual partner appearing to have the upper hand merely by virtue of outward appearance. Conversely, in role play this can also be used in a “turn the tables” scenario with a man in a power suit being forced into a humiliating position by someone attired in the garb of perhaps a janitor or construction worker.

A person viewing a man in a suit and tie can also be aroused by the material in the outfit. The crispness of the cotton shirt, the cool sleekness of high-quality wool and (most frequently) the satin and/ or silk lining of the suit coat and vest (and material in the necktie) provide tactile stimulation to enhance the visual stimulation. For some, the aroma of wool adds additional stimuli. Also, some men will use the accoutrements of business wear as an aid to masturbation, such as using the sleekness of silk in a tie to stimulate tactile arousal.

The effect on particularly masculine men can also be a factor if one looks at the suit as “civilizing” him; to see a man replete with bulging muscles, body hair and stubble being juxtaposed with being attired in elegant, formal clothing can be stimulating to some with this fetish. Furthermore, although a symbol of power and authority a man in a suit and tie is actually quite vulnerable; this can be seen frequently in fiction and drama as a man who is dressed for business or in a tuxedo is apprehensive about getting into a fight, lest his expensive clothing be destroyed or damaged.

Being sexually stimulated by seeing another man dressed in a suit or tuxedo frequently can be crossed with additional fetishes (many within the sadistic/ masochistic BDSM spectrum) and will be described below.

Combined with other sexual fetishes

Suit and tie fetish/ BDSM

As previously noted, this fetish frequently finds itself paired with domination fantasies (BDSM) with either the suit-wearer using the power suit to enhance his authority or using it to enhance his humiliation as he is dominated by another man (or woman), frequently dressed as a member of a lower rung on the social sphere.

Suit and tie fetish/ Wet and messy

When combined with a wet and messy fetish, the man in a suit will look to have the humiliation of being "gunged" intensified by wearing very expensive clothing. This can stem from being told as a boy “don’t get your nice clothes dirty” when dressed in a suit; this act of rebellion and “being bad” can be severely stimulating to a man with these fetishes. Some will actually buy expensive and ultra-formal clothing (three-piece suits, morning suits, white tie and tails) just for the purpose of ruining them, usually at the hands of another man who is applying the "gunge" or "slime" Men with this fetish also like the idea of being doused with water or thrown into a pool; an intense manifestation of this can lead to coprophilia and urophilia, wanting to be defecated or urinated on while dressed in a suit or tuxedo, though this is fairly uncommon. The two-pronged stimuli of this are humiliation (going from looking neat as a pin and powerful to being sloppy and messy) and the tactile feel of wet and possibly sticky substances seeping through one’s expensive clothing.

Suit and tie fetish/ Forced feminization

There is a perception in some circles (particularly amongst blue-collar workers) that wearing a suit and tie is a sign of being a "sissy". This is also frequently expressed in fiction and drama as a man who generally does not wear a suit shows up amongst his lower-class cronies all dressed up and is greeted with wolf-whistles and cat-calls, as if they are expressing attraction towards a woman. This can be also be used in a BDSM scenario, as a man who feels the need to have his masculinity called into question will dress as a "dandy" to inspire scorn and ridicule from those of the lower classes. Also, some men will secretly wear women’s undergarments underneath their conservative business dress.

More information on this topic is available at [ Wikipedia:Suit_and_Tie_fetishism ]

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