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A stunt cock is the term for a substitute (sometimes prosthetic) penis that is used during the shooting of pornographic films.

The stunt cock is used in an extreme close up so as not to identify its bearer, the goal being to deceive the viewer into thinking that the stunt cock is actually the penis of the main actor. Thus a stunt cock is analogous to a "stunt man," who anonymously does dangerous live action sequences in place of the main actor. However, a stunt cock seldom performs dangerous acts on film. Though the term draws its name from this term, its practical application is more analogous to a body double.

Industry role

Stunt cock work is a very common "workhorse" position in the pornography industry. The majority of prominent male pornographic actors have worked in this capacity at least once. Some actors work as stunt cocks specifically out of a desire for anonymity.

Work on a pornographic film can be very demanding, and it is often difficult for actors to perform on demand as needed. A common function of a stunt cock is to stand in for an actor who is unable to achieve erection or ejaculation or an actor who has a penis of a relatively small size, so that filming can continue on schedule.


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