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He took her to dinner -- nothing spectacular, but dinner was quite good.

The waiter brought the dessert menu and she saw that it had chocolate covered strawberries. Six strawberries, two with white chocolate, two with milk chocolate and two with dark chocolate. She indicated her interest, but he told her that, "Now is not the time and place. The setting in which they are served is much more important."

Quizzically, she asked her Master how should they be served. He said only, "If you want the strawberries, you may have them, but I will serve them in my own time and style." He had the waiter deliver up a plastic "to-go box" with a see through top - inside were the six pieces of fruit.

When they arrived home, he had her put the box in the refrigerator.

They languished in the refrigerator for two days, and she kept wanting to ask permission to partake of the fruit but knew better than to ask.

On the third morning, she overslept. He said nothing as he left the house for work. She had a very bad day, not knowing what would happen when her Master returned home.

That evening, she decided to try to "kiss up" to her Master. She made sure her clothing and make-up were as he liked them. She made sure that dinner was served correctly, and that his cup of coffee and glass of wine were served from a kneeling position. She said nothing, hoping that he would not bring up her early morning transgression. She placed her cheek on his thigh and entwined her arms around leg.

He finished his coffee and said only, "Play room, nude and kneeling."

Oh no, she thought. Here it comes. I so wished he would just "forget" her oversleeping, but obviously that was not to be.

He entered the room and told her to stand next to the cross. He bound her wrists and elbows and removed all slack from her bonds. A blindfold was added, and he wound a rope around her neck. As he pulled her forward, away from the cross, the rope tightened about her neck. He kissed her, deeply, his lips and tongue touching and exploring her body. His hands caressed her breasts as he kissed her mouth, her breasts and that part of her neck exposed on either side of the rope around her neck.

She was trying to decide if he would whip her, caress her or have sex with her. Please let it be sex, she thought. He left the room for a moment, and when she returned, she tried desperately to determine what he was doing.

Again he kissed her. She was becoming so sexually aroused that she was ready to beg him to take her -- anywhere, any way, any how, but please do it now! She knew however, that she was to remain silent until he gave her permission to speak.

Suddenly, there was something cold upon her lips. She used her tongue to explore this new sensation. Chocolate. Dark chocolate. He gently guided it between her lips, and she opened her mouth to accept it. She gently bit into the chocolate, to find a new taste, strawberry. Oh my god, she thought -- the strawberries from the restaurant.

He withdrew the fruit and kissed her, his tongue tasting the chocolate/strawberry amalgam. Strawberries, chocolate and her kiss. His hand traced downwards and began playing with her clit. The fruit again entered her mouth. His hand entered her. He gently slid the fruit in and out of her mouth and he asked if she liked the feeling - a special form of fellatio. He again pushed the berry into her mouth and throat, thrusting his hand into her -- she climaxed.

He released her from her bondage and she nearly collapsed onto the floor. He moved to a chair, and she turned and put her head on his lap.

"What do you think, little one?"

"You're so very correct, Master. Strawberries should always be eaten in the proper setting. Master, you do know that I'll never be able to see a chocolate covered strawberry anywhere without smiling, and becoming very sexually excited?"

"Yes," was his one-word answer --


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