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Sthenolagnia is a fetish defined as 'sexual arousal from demonstration of strength or muscles'. The term was coined by the German psychologist Magnus Hirschfeld in the late 1800s. This fetish is found among both males and females, and there are a significant number of websites who cater to their interests.

A related fetish is cratolagnia, which is sexual arousal from display of strength.

Female muscle growth (FMG) is a fantasy genre involving muscular growth of a woman. Many who enjoy these fantasies are attracted to Female bodybuilding or other muscular women. The fantasy is often indulged by pictures of women bodybuilders whose muscles are enlarged by photo editing techniques. There are also moving formats such as gif files and others in which the woman's muscles appear to expand as she flexes them. This interest frequently centers on the biceps. FMG is related to the growth fantasies giantess and breast expansion fetishism. This fantasy is sometimes about an equalization or reversal of the power relationship between a man and a woman. FMG has a related fetish in male muscle growth (MMG).


Stories featuring F.M.G. themes were made available in the 1980s via LH Art, a small publisher based in Hawaii. The Internet in the late 1990s helped spread ideas about this fantasy. Stories began appearing on the Usenet groups and around 1995.


The female subject is often the antagonist rather than the protagonist in FMG fiction and art. The protagonist is usually a male losing control as a woman grows stronger than him.

Other times the female is the protagonist, benefitting from a transformation that gives her increased muscular size and strength. Sometimes a woman will also have increased sexual desire.

The plot device enabling transformation is magical, scientific, Extraterrestrial, or hypnosis. Some FMG fantasy participants will imagine themselves as participating in the transformations, while others prefer to fantasize as spectators.

Marvel Comics She-Hulk is a popular representation of FMG fantasy.

Visual Artists

There are several artists who specialize in FMG fantasy depictions. Transformational artists She Muscle Artist, Eegore, comic artist David C. Matthews, webcomic artist Chris Morrison, photo manipulator Zeromager, the artist nicknamed LOENROR, and photo manipulator Lord Daroth

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