Steffy the Rubber Doll

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Steffy the Rubberdoll

Steffy the Rubber Doll is the primary stage identity of one of the more notable advocates of rubber fetishism.

While performing as Steffy, this rubberdoll remains fully masked at all times, wearing a blank patterned semi-realistic facial mask that showcases the mysterious person's true eyes though the mouth is semi-fixed, allowing Steffy to speak but not open the mouth completely. Steffy's particular mask is different in style from those used by most of the other notable fetish performers, such as those used by the Rubber Sisters. Steffy's mask pattern seems to be either a personal creation of Steffy's own design or some other exclusive design. Regardless of the reason for the mask's limited appearance in other venues by other performers, this specific mask has come to distinguish Steffy from all the other masked rubber performers by its uniqueness.

While Steffy remains as a fetish event performer, in more recent times Steffy has been engaging as a semi-professional model whereby Steffy has been invited to participate in several stage parties with other notable performers. One such performance was as the target of Jean Bardot in a fetish nun and acolyte scene.

More recently, Steffy won the Miss Rubber World contest in January 2008 where Steffy was invited to appear in a Gwen Media film with Isabella Sinclaire. This film entitled "The Portal 3: Steffy's Rubber Advenures" was released August 1st 2009. This was Steffy's first recognised film role.

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