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Spitting fetishism is the name used to describe a fetishistic attraction to spitting.

The spitting fetish is often associated with humiliation and/or complete submission to the dominant figure. An individual acting in a dominant role spits upon a person acting in a submissive role. The spitter can spit some liquid, even body fluids, to make spitting more efficient, but spitting saliva is naturally more common. The dominant person can spit into the submissive individuals face or mouth. When spitted in mouth the submissive can be forced to swallow it. Face and mouth spitting is visually the girl version of a facial. When multiple Dominatrices are involved it can be thought of as the girl version of bukkake.

Note, however, that spitting as means of lubrication (especially in fellatio pornography) is usually not directly related to this fetish.


At several BackDrop workshops, the questions of gags and drooling has been brought up. At one in Richmond, there was this exchange:

"Why do Dominants always use ball gags on submissives instead of just a plain handkerchief? The cloth would absorb saliva while the ball gags make me drool. I don't feel pretty with drool all over my breasts."
"It's mainly a control issue. The subbie is forced into a mode in which she doesn't have control over her own body functions."

In bondage films

One vision common to most early bondage films from was the "damsel in distress" wearing lingerie, bound and gagged. She inevitably was drooling around the gag, making soft mewling sounds while her saliva was making tiny little bubbles. A little known fact is that the model would be on film for a few moments and then the cameraman would stop filming. Her gag would be removed, she would drink a small mouthful of 7-UP, the gag would be reinstalled and film would continue.

The sad truth is that she wasn't salivating for thirty minutes of on-screen time: it was all done with the aid of the "Un-Cola". For those of us who perpetrated this monumental hoax on you, the viewing public, I apologize. Conversely, you can be assured that the film crew really enjoyed the sweet kisses of our "friends" playing the poor bound damsels between takes.

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