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  • ...nt for such dress codes differ. While some events have none, others have a policy in order to create a more coherent atmosphere and to prevent voyeurs from t ...ain standards of behavior have evolved, these include aspects of courtesy, privacy, respect and safewords among others. Today, BDSM parties are taking place i
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  • ...may have shaped Chicago history. But they also have developed a sense of privacy that politely but firmly excludes: 1) The entire world, except for the club ...California, ran a network analysis study on the membership of think tanks, policy-planning groups, social clubs, trade associations, and opinion-shaping grou
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  • ...s people to view pornography (essentially) anonymously in the comfort and privacy of their homes. It also allows access to pornography by people whose access ...umerous reports of employees being reprimanded or fired because of related policy violations.
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  • ...e case '''Goodwin vs. United Kingdom''', it was decided that the rights to privacy and family life were being infringed. ...hority has the right to deny treatment for gender dysphoria as a matter of policy. However, effective access to treatment varies wildly depending upon the p
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  • ...nything She wanted! But i quickly learned that honesty was indeed the best policy, and limited my ramblings to those things that i actually did enjoy. I supp ...t, and someday i would like to hear from her again. However, i respect her privacy, and she will have to initiate any further correspondence. OK, now it’s
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  • ...of the New York SM Activists. The goal was to fight for sexual freedom and privacy rights for all adults who engage in safe, sane and consensual behavior. ...ding sexual freedom rights. For example, NCSF holds a seat on the National Policy Roundtable and actively participates in GenderPac's Lobby Day and Creating
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  • ...compensation, which is similar to the use of a trademark; and the right to privacy, or the right to be left alone and not have one's personality represented p A commonly cited justification for this doctrine, from a policy standpoint, is the notion of natural rights and the idea that every individ
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  • ...ner or the fear of social stigma. Phone sex operators or companies may, by policy or discretion, refuse to entertain certain requests. Many other services ac ...w, or on organized third-party network sites that provide a basic level of privacy for performer and client alike) and/or surfing of sexually themed chat room
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  • ...scribers to the BBS could only view the GIFs on their own computers in the privacy of their own home, and only with the help of certain specialized software. Defendants make a number of policy arguments as well. They point out that BBS operators must develop methods o
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  • ...where [[torture]] is being employed as a means of military or governmental policy, rape of both female and male detainees is a common element of that torture rape cases. Advocacy groups also argue for preservation of the victim's privacy during the legal process; it is standard practice among mainstream American
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  • ...of "consent" was raised, but denied by the court on the grounds of "public policy." Basically the court decided that the law should not allow someone to cons ...y be a defense as long as the jurisdiction does not prohibit it for public policy reasons, and if the "victim" has the capacity to give consent and does so k
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