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Spankophile is a sub-division, or an a informal term of description, for a person with either a sadistic or masochistic paraphilia. Plainly, a person who likes to get spanked, to spank, to watch while someone gets spanked, to fantasize about spanking, to read spanking stories, to view spanking art, and/or to watch spanking videos, etc.

Spankophile are commonly fetishists, i.e. they find these spanking-related activities erotic or stimulating. Spanking fetishism is also known generically as spankophilia.

Spankophile can be of both genders and realization can come at any age, often after puberty.

There are many kinks and sub-divisions within Sadism and Masochism. Being a masochist does not imply that getting spanked will always be pleasureable or erotic, a spanking has to be given in the right way (and often, by the right person) in order to be enjoyable.

Whether someone prefers Erotic spanking or Discipline or any other combination is considered to be the kink particular to the person and no study or psychology has ever proven the origins of a spankophiles prefered kink.


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