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Illustration by Georges Topfer (1921).


er Spankophile (or spanko) is an informal (non-medical) term for a person with a special (generally erotic) interest in spanking, which is sometimes also called a spanking fetish. Spanking fetishism is also known informally as spankophilia.

A spanko might like to get spanked, to spank, to watch while someone gets spanked, to fantasize about spanking, to read spanking stories, to view spanking art, to watch spanking videos, etc. In a simplified view, spankos can be divided into three broad groups: spankers, spankees and switches.

The sadomasochistic (sadistic/masochistic) aspect is only one of several aspects that make spanking interesting to spankos. Other aspects include dominance and submission, roleplay, ageplay, nudity, and forms of fetishism such as buttocks fetishism, panty fetishism, etc. Spankos also often share an interest in other erotic activities related to punishment and/or the buttocks, such as corner time or enemas.

Spankos can be of both genders and realisation can come at any age, before, in, or after puberty.

Being a masochistic spanko does not imply that getting spanked will always be pleasureable or erotic: a spanking has to be given in the right way (and often, by the right person) in order to be enjoyable.

Whether someone prefers erotic spanking or discipline or any other combination is considered to be the kink particular to the person. No study or psychology has ever proven the origins of a spanko's preferred kink.

Creative spankos

The people who like to create spanking art, literature, and videos - the artists, authors and models - are usually also spankos who add a creative, artistic side to their interest.

According to Sigmund Freud, people with a strong paraphilia can turn their paraphilia into creativity by a process called sublimation - the refocusing of psychic (erotic) energy to "socially useful" outlets, mainly art. Freud considered this defense mechanism the most productive compared to the others that he identified: repression, displacement, denial, reaction formation, intellectualization and projection.

This is sometimes refered to as being a High-Functioning individual.

Celebrity spankos

Celebrities who are known or strongly suspected of being spankos include:

  • Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712 – 1778), Swiss-French philosopher
  • Algernon Swinburne (1837 – 1909), English poet
  • James Joyce (1882 – 1941), Irish writer and poet
  • Sabina Spielrein (1885 - 1942), Russian physician and one of the first female psychoanalysts (see also A Dangerous Method)
  • Robert E. Howard (1906 – 1936), American fantasy and horror writer
  • T. H. White (1906 – 1964), English author
  • Ian Fleming (1908 – 1964), British author of the James Bond spy novels. Fleming collected vintage flagellation novels and had a sadomasochistic relationship with his wife. This was revealed in the book, The Letters of Anne Fleming (1985), published after her death.
  • Georges-Arthur Goldschmidt (born 1928), French-German writer and translator
  • Charlotte von Mahlsdorf (1928 – 2002), German transvestite and founder of the Gründerzeit Museum in Berlin-Mahlsdorf
  • Jack Nicholson (born 1937), American actor, nicknamed "Spanking Jack"
  • Carly Simon (born 1945), American singer-songwriter and musician. Revealed on Fox News that she gets ritual backstage spankings to overcome stage fright.
  • Ramsey Campbell (born 1946), British horror writer
  • Daphne Merkin (born 1954), American literary critic, essayist and novelist
  • Madonna (Madonna Louise Ciccone, born 1958), American recording artist and actress
  • Elizabeth Hurley (born 1965), English actress, fashion model, producer and designer (rumored to be a spanko and host spanking parties)
  • Sarah Silverman (born 1970), the actress and comedian confesses on TV to David Letterman (view clip on YouTube)
  • Dita Von Teese (born 1972), American exotic dancer/actress. She told Steppin' Out magazine, "I'm into bondage. I think it's really fun, and I love playing the part of the damsel in distress. The feeling is amazing when someone (spanks me) right."
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt (born 1979), interviewed in 2011 on "The Talk", the actress described playing "Drag Queen Bingo" and getting "spanked on the bum with a paddle" as part of the game.
  • Rihanna (born 1988), the pop singer revealed in Rolling Stone (April 2011) that she likes to be spanked and tied up. This is reflected in her single "S&M" and her video for "We Found Love".

Spankos in spanking literature

Spankos themselves are often portrayed in spanking literature. In stories on consensual spanking, the characters are usually both spankos. In some nonconsensual stories, the spanker is a spanko while the spankee is not. For example, in Lurking Dragon's Melody's Stories, the protagonist Melody is given in the custody of spanko parents. There are a few rare stories where the spanker is not a spanko and treating the spanking as a NC spanking, but with the spankee secretly a spanko, enjoying and sometimes having deliberately provoked the spanking.

However there are also NC stories in which neither the spanker nor the spankee is a spanko: the spankings in these are purely disciplinary in nature and not enjoyed by either character.

From individuals to subculture

Groups of people sharing similar sexual kinks tend to form subcultures where they not only find suitable partners and play partners but also, above all, people to socialize with who understand where they come from because they share the same kink, or at least some aspects of it.

In the case of spankophilia, these subcultures are often called the spanking scene. With the advent of the Internet, it has become easy for people to find like-minded people whatever topic it is. There are no country barriers, however there are still language barriers. Within the spankophile subculture there are further specializations, sub-subcultures as it were. For example there are groups, websites and publications for people who share an interest in spanking and anime, spanking and furries, boy spanking art, girl spanking art, M/F, F/M, F/F, or M/M spanking.

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