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Spanking science fiction is spanking fiction that uses a science fictional setting, or is in some other way a work of science fiction.

Many authors of spanking stories have used science ficton to create imagined societies in which spankings are more common than in current reality. Perhaps the most connected and imitated setting for spanking science fiction is the Rejuve Universe created by Lurking Dragon, but many other authors have also written spanking science fiction. John Benson, in particular, has written many spanking stories in which technology permits mental simulation of the effects of a spanking, or control of the emotions of a sexual submissive. Haley Brimley wrote 2091: Nocturne Three with Lawrence Kinden about a set of genetically superior sisters in a futuristic setting.

For mainstream science fiction that contains spanking scenes or or references to spanking, see spanking in science fiction.

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