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Vintage spanking photos

A ballet teacher chastizes her students from an Ostra Studio photo series (c. 1930s).

Since the advent of photography in the 19th Century, the new visual art medium has also been used to create a wide variety of fetishistic birching, whipping and spanking-related pictures. For many decades, erotic adult spanking photos in black and white were produced in surprising quantities. Many of these vintage photographic works are notably romantic in style. Many show, for example, young women in front of a schoolroom blackboard, kneeling or standing, with their bottoms bared but otherwise fully clothed, waiting for their chastisement. Other more daring photos hint at lesbianism with two nude women engaged in whipping or spanking, while others include bondage and sex acts into their corporal punishment scenarios.

There are also a few vintage child spanking photos, e.g. black and white stereograms for 3D viewing.

Contemporary spanking photos

Most of modern spanking photos, too, are erotic adult spanking art. The style has changed over the decades and tends to show more nudity and BDSM-style fetish clothing these days.

In the 1950s, Bettie Page became the first well-known mainstream model to pose for erotic fetish photos. Working for New York photographer Irving Klaw, Page appeared in hundreds of bondage and spanking photos as well as dozens of short films. She alternated between playing the stern dominatrix and the helpless victim. The photos and films were sold out of Klaw's store and by mail order.

By the 1960s, specialty magazines devoted entirely to spanking photography began to appear, albeit covertly, at newsstands. The number of publications increased over the next three decades. Three of the best-known British magazines of that era were Janus (magazine), which began in 1971, Roue, and Kane produced by Harrison Marks in the 1980s.

While spanking art photos of past decades were generally staged, today you can often see close-up views of bottoms that show real cane or whip marks.

Child spanking photos are rarely taken today. Most of the few around are either vintage (see above) or digital stills from mainstream movies (see Spanking in mainstream films), or fun spanking pictures.

Erotic adult spanking photos are also often found on spanking pay sites.


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