Midnight Tease (film)

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Midnight Tease

Starring Lisa Bopyle, Justin Carroll, Rachel Reed
Studio New Concorde
Distributed by New Horizon Picture Corp
Runtime 83 mins
IMDB Info 0110512 on IMDb
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Review from IMDB website:
by Dr. Gore

"Midnight Tease" just might be the greatest stripper movie of all time. Before your brain is even aware that you've started the movie, there will be naked breasts dancing in front of your eyes. "Midnight Tease" does not waste time. Oh, you say you wanted a stripper movie? Bingo. You got it.

Cassandra Leigh, (Lisa Boyle), might also be the greatest stripper of all time. "Midnight Tease" shows off her unmatched stripping power. I can't decide which stripping scene I liked better. Was it the little girl outfit stripping scene, (complete with over-sized lollipop), or the bride and groom dominatrix scene? Decisions, decisions...

"Midnight Tease" is about strippers stripping. There's some story about insanity, nightmares, abuse and murdered strippers but its all just filler until the next naked stripper. Each girl gets to have a three to five minute stripping scene complete with costume and theme music. Wait till you hear the song blasting over the cop stripping scene. "Say hello to Officer Pretty…From the Precinct of Lust!" This party is on.

Review from IMDB website:
by seth steenerson

There's nothing like a good old fashion stripper movie to make me feel happy when I am sad. After watching this wet walnut, I have no doubt that I am immortal and that I will never have to sleep again. And, since seeing this crackling rose, I have taken control of my life and kicked out all of the trolls and dwarfs that where living in the walls of my house on to the street. I am a new man with a new identiy. A man that will stand up for justice and the weak. I hope everyone else that saw this movie will feel the same. -**1/2 stars