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Spanking on television was relatively common in the early decades of television, particularly in westerns and comedies produced in the '50s and '60s. These were nearly always comedic scenes of unruly women and bratty children who were chastised by a dominant male authority figure. This fell out of fashion by the early 1970s.

For the next two decades, spankings were mainly seen in telefilms and miniseries about abusive relationships and bad parenting. In recent years the conservative mainstream networks — now competing with racy cable programs — have become increasingly risque. All sorts of once-taboo kinky behavior, including erotic spanking, is being hinted at, and sometimes shown, in traditional sitcoms and dramas.

Lucille Ball in I Love Lucy (c. 1955)

Advertising on TV

There has also been a sudden increase in Spanking and BDSM in TV commercials, especially in the U.S. and the U.K. Advertising is starting to introduce sexual fetishes in a humorous, satirical context as a tool for grabbing the audience's attention.

1930s - 1970s

Although commercial television had been available in the United_States since the 1930s, the medium only gained substantial popularity during the post-war period. As television</b> gained a wider audience, many early producers attempted to recreate the familiar cinematic environment on the small screen; consequently, many early TV shows emulated the visual style of the better-known movie genres.

For this reason, spanking was far more common in TV westerns and romantic comedies than in (for instance) science fiction or supernatural mysteries. Drawing on a long cinematic tradition, Saddle Operas such as Rawhide or Bonanza featured the standard M/F spanking scenarios, along with the occasional M/f and M/m storylines.

Similarly, family oriented programs like I Love Lucy, Gidget or McHale's Navy exploited the humorous potential for OTK imagery (a common plot device practiced well into the seventies). By contrast, there were relatively few spanking scenes depicted in the more "serious" science fiction or supernatural genres (notable exceptions include Irwin Allen's Land of the Giants or ITV's Tomorrow People).

Television spanking probably reached its peak during the early-mid sixties, possibly as part of a general backlash against the social and cultural changes that were taking place across America at the time. Mainstream corporal punishment (CP) imagery fell out of fashion in most visual media during the 1970s, although it persisted much longer in television</b> than in cinema, comics or four-color advertising.

From the late seventies into the early nineties, many telefilms and miniseries (such as The Happy Valley) depicted children (and teens) being unjustly punished by overly strict or abusive authority figures. Humorous adult spankings were no longer deemed acceptable. Instead, the occasional serious TV-movie like Kentucky Woman (1983) would surface. This study of sexism in the workplace shows a woman being paddled as part of a humiliating initiation ceremony.

Exploiting the popularity of Women in Prison films, the ABC TV</b> movie Nightmare in Badham County (1976) provides a rare example of sexualized corporal punishment. Two shapely female convicts are stripped and beaten with a leather strap. A more explicit version with added nude scenes was later released to theaters.

Susan Oliver on Wagon Train (1960).

Below is a chronological list of televisions shows and TV-movies:

YouTube Video clip spanking scene on You Tube
Compilation of 4 spanking scenes spanking scene on You Tube
Hand spanking spanking scene on You Tube
  • Bat Masterson (The Brunette Bombshell, 1959), Bat (Gene Barry) takes the titular brunette over his knee.
Rebecca Wells spanked by Bat Masterson spanking scene on You Tube
Complete episode spanking scene on You Tube
  • Wagon Train ("The Maggie Hamilton Story", 1960), shrewish Susan Oliver transformed into a good girl by a vigorous OTK paddling.
  • Bonanza ("The Many Faces of Gideon Flinch", 1961); Michael Landon swats Sue Ann Langdon while carrying her over his shoulder.
Video clip (dubbed in German) spanking scene on You Tube
M/F Video clip spanking scene on You Tube
  • Gunsmoke ("Catawomper", 1962) with Sue Ann Langdon.
  • The Saint ("The Golden Journey", 1:10, 1962), a spoiled young woman goes over Roger Moore's knee. Video clip: " MyVideo
  • Route 66 ("Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are", 4:3, 1963), Diane Baker gets three hand-smacks from series star Martin Milner.
  • Temple Houston ("The Guardian", 1964), Jeffrey Hunter takes an unruly Julie Parrish over his knee.
" Photobucket video clip
Linda Evans being spanked spanking scene on You Tube
Linda Evans being spanked spanking scene on You Tube
  • Gidget ("Gidget's Gadget", 1:5, 1965) - Sally Field gets whacked while bent over a couch for meddling in the affairs of others.
Video clip spanking scene on You Tube.
  • Gidget "Gidget's Foreign Policy", 1965
Walter Koenig takes a spoiled Brooke Bundy over his knee spanking scene on You Tube
  • McHale's Navy ("Babette Go Home", 2:24, 1965); fiery French babe Susan Silo gets humiliating public OTK paddling.
  • I Spy ("There Was a Little Girl", 1:26, 1966), troublesome teenage girl spanked off-camera in comedic finale to episode.
  • Bonanza ("Little Girl Lost", 1968); a bratty girl gets five hand smacks while over Lorne Greene's knee.
  • Land of the Giants ("Ghost Town", 1:2, 1968); a cruel little girl is spanked for tormenting the "little people". Episode available at Hulu].
  • Lancer ("The Black McGloins", 1969); Stefanie Powers plays an Irish con-artist who gets a few over-the-knee swats in an effort to get her to tell the truth. (" Video clip] on YouTube.)
  • Keeping it Up Downstairs (1976); a frequently racy parody of Upstairs, Downstairs. Spanking scenes occur in several episodes.
Scenes from Keeping it Up Downstairs.
  • Here's Lucy ("Lucy and Andy Griffith", 6:8, 1973); Griffith wallops Lucie Arnaz with a rubber-soled shoe. Video clip on " YouTube]
  • Klimbim (German TV</b>, 1973-1979); racy sketch comedy in the frenetic style of The Benny Hill Show. Elisabeth Volkmann gets spanked and caned several times while playing an inept maid and a waitress. Video clip: YouTube]
  • Poldark (British series, 1975), M/F, Angharad Rees publicly beaten with a cane for stealing in the marketplace. Video clip at YouTube]
  • Summer of My German Soldier (1978), teleflim based on a novel. A teenage Kristy McNichol is briskly belt-spanked for getting into trouble.

1980s - today

The Happy Valley (1987).

By 1980, spanking had all but disappeared from the televised landscape, except for the occasional made-for-TV movie or syndicated reruns of "classic" TV</b> series (e.g. Bewitched, Here's Lucy, etc.). But even these sometimes had the punishment segments [[CensorshipCensorship">edited out]] in shows such as Merry Melodies, Tom and Jerry, and Yu Yu Hakasho/Ghost Files.

However, in recent years humorous, and even erotic, scenes of adult spanking have become more common, particularly on syndicated shows, pay-cable networks, and programs imported from Europe. The most outrageous example was a series of raunchy syndicated talk shows hosted by radio personality Howard Stern. From 1990 to 2005 Stern would regularly have models, strippers, and adult film actresses come on his show and submit to an on-camera spanking</b>. In 1997 the HBO cable series Tracey Takes On... included a masochistic spanking</b> scene, perhaps the first comedy-drama in America to do so.

This competition, along with changes in censorship and popular culture, has forced the "Big Three" commercial networks in the U.S. (ABC, CBS, and NBC) to add increasingly daring content to late-night dramas and even family-friendly situation comedies such as Scrubs and Two and a Half Men.

Today, the majority of television</b> spanking</b> scenes still appear in offbeat syndicated and cable network shows (Weeds, Californication, etc.), animation (The Simpsons, Family Guy), Japanese anime, TV airings of movies that include spanking scenes, and spanking</b> in professional wrestling events.

An example of a spanking scene in a fairly recent British series is " Sugar Rush]" (2005/I, " 2006/II]), " Ep. #2.1] (Original Air Date: 15 June 2006).

  • Fantasy Island ("The Mermaid Returns", 4:2, 1980), series star Ricardo Montablan gives a young lady an over-the-knee hand spanking</b>.
  • Mérette (French TV</b> movie, 1982), a 12-year-old girl suffers some nasty canings from her strict guardians.
  • Kentucky Woman (TV</b> movie, 1983), Cheryl Ladd becomes a coal miner and submits to a humiliating paddling ritual.
Mettez du sel (1982).

  • Mafia Princess (1986) telefilm about the daughter of mobster Sam Giancana who is shown losing his temper and spanking</b> her for breaking a porcelain figurine.
  • Foxfire (telefilm, 1987), Cranky, inflexible Hume Cronyn orders his son to cut a switch-rod as thick as his thumb. The switching occurs off camera.
  • The Happy Valley (1987) is a British telefilm with remarkably severe (and suspiciously fetishistic) caning and whipping scenes of a teenage girl. Her father is a sadistic martinet.
  • Tieta (1989-1990), soap opera series from Brazil; M/F video clip at " YouTube]
  • The Arsenio Hall Show (1990) Singer [>Madonna]] talks candidly about her spanking lifestyle and the song "Hanky Panky".
  • [The Little Kidnappers]] (1990), telefilm with audible off-camera M/m [[WoodshedWoodshed">woodshed]] switching.
  • The Howard Stern Show (1990-2005); series of talk shows with numerous real-life M/F & F/F punishments. A montage with several clips with Stern is at " YouTube]. Stern also smacks " Sarah Bernhard]] in another clip.
Madonna on The Arsenio Hall Show (1990)/

  • Antonia & Jane (1991), made for British TV</b> then released on video. A couple takes turns being tied to a bed and belt-lashed for giving wrong answers to literary trivia questions.
  • Natural Enemy (1997) cable film with female masochist bound and briefly hand-spanked. Later, handcuffed to a dresser, she has rough doggie-style sex with her psycho boyfriend and begs for more whacks from his leather paddle as she climaxes.
  • La Femme Nikita (1997-2001), TV</b> series based on the film. During an interrogation, Nikita (Peta Wilson) is bound and thrashed with a thick cane. It is hard to tell if the blows land above or below the waist. A video clip is available at " YouTube].
  • The Nanny ("You Bette Your Life", 4:23, 1997), irate guest star Bette Midler chases the nanny (Fran Drescher) around, smacking her repeatedly with her purse. " Video clip]].
  • Tylluan Wen (1997, Wales), a Welsh-language telefilm adapted from a literary novel. In a flashback scene, a boy and girl are bent over school desks and caned by a cruel headmaster. Video clip at " YouTube].
  • Xena: Warrior Princess ("Forget Me Not", 3:17, 1998); Gabrielle (Renée O'Connor) is flogged in a purification ritual. Laying naked on a stone slab, she is whipped several times from calf to shoulder with a birch made of what looks to be palm fronds. There is a close side view shot of her ass getting whacked that appears to be a body double.
Sarah Chalke in Scrubs


  • Son of the Beach (2000-2002); a spoof of Baywatch on the FX network. A montage in the episode "Witness for the Prostitution" shows a brief F/F sorority paddling initiation of two girls. Watch the clip at MyVideo].
  • Strip Mall (2000-2001); sitcom created by Comedy Central. In one episode, lesbian Fanny Sue Chang (Amy Hill) paddles Althea (Loretta Fox) with the flat side of a meat cleaver. See video clip at " Dailymotion]
  • Hornblower (2001), miniseries based on the Horatio Hornblower novels by C.S. Forester. A naval officer is disciplined with a hard 12-stroke caning aboard ship. This scene can be viewed on " YouTube].
  • My Brother Jack (2001); Australian telefilm that portrays an abusive father who regularly beats his two sons with a belt. " Video clip]] on YouTube.
  • UK Raw (2001); late-night British series that took a lighthearted look at sex and fetishes. One episode recreated scenes of discipline from the [[Victorian_eraVictorian era">Victorian era]].
UK Raw (2001).

  • Boston Public (episode 6, 2002), old-fashioned matronly teacher uses a big wood paddle on her students. A pretty girl reveals her bruised backside, a teenage boy gets 2 paddle whacks during class.
  • Scrubs ("My First Step,", 2:7, 2002) Guest star Heather Locklear tries to seduce Dr. Cox (John C. McGinley) by telling him: "We both know you'd love nothing more than to smack this fine ass". She then gives herself five hard smacks while groaning and adds: "Don't stop, Perry. Harder!" as she walks away. Later in a restuarant she repeats this performance in front of Dr. Cox. (The first scene is available on " YouTube].)
  • Ally McBeal ("Buried Pleasures", 2002) - Portia de Rossi's clueless boyfriend surprises her with four painful hairbrush smacks that she does not enjoy.
  • Las Vías del Amor (2002), Mexican telenovela. Erika Garcia plays "Lolita", a hooker who specializes in girlish role playing. Dressed as a schoolgirl, she is spanked over a client's knee while looking rather bored.
A role playing hooker in Las vías del amor (2002).

  • Fairly Odd Parents (2003, TV</b> animated series, Parent_Hoods episode)
  • Kingpin (2003), miniseries about a Mexican drug cartel. An English drug dealer hires a Mexican girl for a 100-stroke caning session. The last part is heard off camera. Video clip at " YouTube]
  • Scrubs ("My Interpretation" 2:20, 2003); Elliot (Sarah Chalke) appears repeatedly as a naughty nurse in Turk's dreams. She bends forward and receives a hard hand-smack then begs: "Harder, damn it! I've been bad".
  • Alma Gemea (2005-2006) (English: "Soul Mate") is a Brazilian telenovela. A passionate M/F scene can be viewed at " YouTube].
  • Candy Biscuit Teacher and Sugar Candy (2005); Korean fantasy-drama series about a schoolgirl with strange powers. In the first episode she is caned at school. A large cane breaks on the fifth stroke but the punishment continues with a new cane. She is fully clothed and is bent over with her hands on the floor. This episode (caning at 2:53 mark) can be watched on " YouTube].
  • The Girls Next Door (2005-present), E! Network reality show about Playboy's Hugh Hefner. In the first season (2005-2006) Hefner's girlfriends test out a [[Spanking_machineSpanking machine">spanking</b> machine]]. Video clip at " Dailymotion.
  • The Surreal Life (4th season, 2005) VH-1 reality series. In one episode Jane Wiedlin (from the pop group The Go-Gos) appeared in dominatrix gear and revealed her secret BDSM lifestyle. Other cast members dabbled in S&M play in a makeshift dungeon. Adrianne Curry got an OTK spanking</b> and Verne Troyer was paddled.
  • Weeds (Showtime cable series, 2005), Mary-Louise Parker gets a provocative OTK hand spanking</b>.
  • Midsomer Murders (9:45, "Dead Letters", 2006); British mystery series. In a consensual bedroom scene, guest star Simon Callow gives Caroline Goodall a switching with a leafy tree branch. Dailymotion " video clip.
  • Sugar Rush (2006) British TV</b> series about teen lesbians. In one episode Sugar is spanked by an older woman while role playing as a schoolgirl in detention. Her parents walk in during this scene. Later the parents duplicate the same role play scenario. Video clips of " both scenes can be viewed at MyVideo.
  • An American Crime (2007) telefilm based on a true story about a 16 year-old girl held captive. Two girls get punished in a F/f scene. Video clip at " YouTube]
  • Californication ("The Whore of Babylon", 2007), Showtime cable series, brief but graphic OTK scene.
  • Saving Grace ("A Language of Angels", 1:9, 2007), TNT cable series; Grace (Holly Hunter) is naked, handcuffed to her bed while cavorting with a boyfriend who playfully hand-spanks her several times.
  • Spank Me, Please (2007), short feature from cable network Current TV</b> on the annual Nuit Demonia fetish celebration in Paris. This includes spankings, whippings, bondage, and interviews with fetish models and BDSM enthusiasts at nightclub La Locomotive. This can be viewed at the " Current TV website].
Rachel Miner as a masochistic secretary in Californication.

  • Fab Five: The Texas Cheerleader Scandal (2008); Lifetime network telefilm based on real events at a Texas high school in 2006. Five cheerleaders run amok with a wide range of scandalous behavior. While cavorting in an adult novelty store one cheerleader playfully whips another with a [[MartinetMartinet">martinet]]. (This can be seen briefly in the " trailer]] on YouTube. The " complete scene]] can be found 3 minutes into this excerpt.)
  • I Bet You Will (2008), Spike game show, college girl endures three hard swats with a fraternity-type paddle for prize money. She has to say "Thank you, may I have another" after each stroke.
  • My Name Is Earl (NBC TV</b> series) season 4, episode 6: "Little Bad Voodoo Brother" (2008). Earl's neighbor, Nick, has a tennis fetish. He's wrapped in a tennis net with his wrists bound and a tennis ball in his mouth. A man and a woman dressed in conservative tennis whites take turns whacking him with their racquets.
  • The Principal's Office (2008-present), truTV reality series about student life at a high school. In one episode, a teenage girl chooses three strokes from a school paddle instead of a day in detention. The punishment is heard off camera. Video clip available at " YouTube].
  • [Sons of Anarchy]] (2008-present, unidentified episode), Katey Sagal visits a classroom set where a fetish video is being filmed. A schoolgirl kneels on a desk about to be paddled. A few glimpses of the actors rehearsing are shown. A clip of this scene can be viewed at " sevenload.
  • 1000 Ways to Die (Spike TV</b>, 2:5 "Dead and Deader", 2009). At a Nevada whore house, a bound and gagged guy in a full-body latex suit is whacked with a leather paddle by a dominatrix. He soon dies from an allergic reaction to latex. Domme Isabella Sinclair, from GwenMedia, appears briefly in this quasi-documentary presentation. This segment can be watched on " YouTube]
From The Lenny Beige Show (date unknown)

  • Rescue Me ("Initiation", 2009) FX Network cable series. Callie Thorne's character seduces Tommy (Dennis Leary) dressed as a cheerleader, Playboy bunny and latex-clad dominatrix. They are seen briefly paddling each other in a comedic fast-motion sequence.
  • Dollhouse (2009) Fox network science-fiction show about a high-tech escort agency that provides fantasy companions programed with pre-chosen memories and personalities. In the first season episode "Spy in the House of Love", star Eliza Dusku is seen as a dominatrix in a leather fetish outfit. She whiplashes a co-worker once for calling her "S&M Barbie". In season two, a returning escort programed to be a submissive suggests she be tied up and spanked. (Dushku discusses her dominatrix role on " YouTube.)
  • Viver a Vida (Live the Life, aka Seize the Day) is a Brazilian telenovela (soap opera) that began in 2009. An F/F slipper spanking</b> scene from this series can be viewed on " YouTube]. A fierce belt-whipping can also be viewed on " YouTube].
  • Archer (2010), an adult-oriented half-hour animated comedy series on the FX network that spoofs the spy genre. In one episode Archer and a sexy French stewardess are laying naked in bed together. She has a large red bruise on her backside. Archer, who has whip marks on his chest and legs, raises his [[Ping-pong_paddlePing-pong paddle">ping-pong paddle]] and jokes "Just give me five minutes on my backhand". The scene can be viewed online at " MyVideo].
  • [Blickfang Po]] (2010); German documentary on erotica with segment on spanking</b> showing vintage photos, stag film clips and illustrations. " video clip] at Dailymotion.
  • Boardwalk Empire (episode 5, 2010), HBO miniseries. In a brothel, a prostitute has sex with a corrupt politician with her positioned on top on him. Another girl starts hand spanking her and the man joins in as well.
  • Bored to Death (7:2, 2010), HBO series. In a school classroom, Zoe Kazan role plays as a schoolgirl with Jason Schwartzman. She goes over his knee for a hand spanking</b> and repeatedly begs him to hit her harder.
HBO series Bored to Death with Zoe Kazan and Jason Schwartzman.

  • Community ("Basic Genealogy", 1:17, 3/10/10); NBC sitcom episode about family members visiting the community college. The grandmother of one student is a cranky, half-crazy old black woman in a wheelchair. Britta (Gillian Jacobs) unwittingly insults her causing the angry grandmother to yell: "Get me a switch!" Later, Britta pulls down her pants and goes over the old woman's lap for two-dozen very hard strokes. The camera's head-on point of view shows her facial reactions and screams along with the switch coming down, but the actual impacts are not seen. Although played for laughs, this is still one of the most severe corporal punishment scenes to appear on television</b>. (This scene is available on " YouTube].)
  • Romantically Challenged (debut episode, April 2010); ABC sitcom starring Alyssa Milano features the masochistic girlfriend of Shawn (Josh Lawson). On their first date she suddenly says: "Okay, now, tell me I'm a bad girl and spank me" while getting into position. Later the timid Shawn "practices" by smacking himself with a wooden spatula. He gets domination lessons from Milano's sister ("Say you want to drip hot wax on me and dangle me out the window.") and a second date that goes badly. (Video clips can be watched at " MyVideo.)
  • Two and a Half Men ("Ixnay on the Oggie Day", 7:18, 2010); In this CBS sitcom, Francis Fisher plays one of John Cryer's patients suffering from back pain. She moans as he massages her lower back then begs him to spank her. "Do it, bitch!" she yells. In the outer office his secretary is confused by the smacking sounds coming from the examination room. We hear half a dozen impacts and her loud, orgasmic cries. (This scene can be viewed on " YouTube].)
  • MTV's Video Music Awards (September 2010); during the opening comedy sketch, host Chelsea Handler walks down a backstage hallway in a bathrobe. She meets a man who wishes her "good luck" while extending a hard smack to her derriere. This happens twice more with the next two men she meets. As a trio of burly men approach, she panics and runs away. Turning a corner, Handler runs into actress Lindsay Lohan. After an extended rant warning Handler not to make jokes about her on stage, Lohan also sends her off with a hearty hand-spank. Video of this sketch can be watched " here] and " here.
  • The Office (season 7, episode 1, 2010); manager Michael Scott (Steve Carell) hires his inept and immature nephew as an office assistant. By the end of the story, Michael is so enraged by his bad behavior that he bends the young man over a desk and hand-spanks him a dozen times while the other employees watch in astonishment. (Episode 2 also shows a recap of this scene described by Michael as an act of "corporate punishment".)
  • Weeds (season 6, episode 8, October 2010); in the "Gentle Puppies" episode, Mary-Louise Parker has a wild, energetic sex scene in an empty bar. Her boyfriend rips her clothes off, bends her over the bar, and gives her two brisk hand spanks.

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